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Thread: ITG History good or bad?

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    Can't agree more, it is as of a ripoff as it gets. Especially the fact that the checklist was tactically posted that late, so a lot of people are stuck with their pre-orders. Do not argue that it is the same with any other product. The Cup comes up every year and so you know what to expect while this is a completely new bunch of drivel . Looking on the ebay sales, I would almost concure with somebody who called this a misleading marketing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yzerfan View Post
    This argument is useless. It's all worthless cardboard no matter who printed the picture on it. If you don't want to gamble then don't buy a box, it's that simple. You negative people really ruin the hobby for everyone else. Just shut up already.

    This argument is not useless sir. The cardboard is worth something to US, the people who collect it. Georges Vezina and Bobby Orr might not mean a thing to my girlfriend or your mom, but for collectors to see those cards in the previews and then pre-order a box or case or whatever and then see the actual checklist and realize the odds of pulling Adam Deadmarsh and Dennis Maruk FAR outweigh the $250 plus tax, that's not a gamble, it's a buncha words I can't say on this forum.

    The more cards I see up on eBay, the more grateful I am that wasn't my box and the more fearful I am of what will be in mine come Christmas day. I'm not trying to ruin the hobby for ANYONE, me especially. Just sayin...............
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    This product is not made for flippers, but for collector's who grew up with the sport. $250.00 is acceptable when you look at the potential cards that can be pulled, as well as the effort and money that likely went into building this set.
    As far as being full of 90's drivel, you guys must pull Crosby/Stamkos/Retzky rookies out of every pack of cards you open. God forbid you get a pack of commons, the card producers should be strung up!

    The hobby is a gamble, you take your chances.

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    LOL...I wasn't talking about you. You have to remember that I am a collector too so these little pieces of cardboard have value to me also. My point is that when you boil it all down, we are all just buying over-priced cardboard every time we buy a box of cards. No offense meant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yzerfan View Post
    LOL...I wasn't talking about you. You have to remember that I am a collector too so these little pieces of cardboard have value to me also. My point is that when you boil it all down, we are all just buying over-priced cardboard every time we buy a box of cards. No offense meant.

    No no no NO, that wasn't my point either hahahaaa!!! Yes, ALL of these cards are worthless to almost everyone else. If you set that slabbed Vezina rookie down in front of Amy she'd use it as a coaster. But to US, the collectors, it's priceless, or at least priced out of most of our ranges. We, the collectors, have through the Becketts and the eBays, determined the "worth" of the multitude of cards out there, we have decided that, because of age and scarcity and demand, a 51/52 Bernie Geoffrion Parkhurst RC is "worth" XXX dollars and opposed to a 91/92 UD Adam Deadmarsh RC which goes for a nickel. And after seeing the checklist for History of Hockey, the majority of the cards are most definitely of the latter category.

    Vince said up above that the hobby is a gamble, but it isn't, it's a HOBBY. Or a business for a few people. If you want to gamble then go buy a 6/49 ticket or play the slots or whatever. But I buy hockey cards because I love hockey cards. I bust open a box of OPC or UD 1 because it's reasonably priced and it's fun to open packs and maybe I'll get something sweet even tho I know I won't hahahaa, and even if I do it'll wind up getting sold on eBay because it's awesome but not for any of MY PCs, which is ok too because then I can buy more cards eh? And I went NUTS on Forever Rivals, I might not have hit anything huge from my Habs half of the case, but every card to me was awesome. Full of Habby goodness. So awesome I went and chased down hundreds of dollars of singles from eBay. That binder of cards is my baby :)

    History of Hockey tho..............if you're happy with seeing the hobby as a gamble then fine. Not me tho, and I wish I'd known more before I asked Santa for it. I'm done writing about it, it's bumming me out and ruining the hobby for ME chortle chortle!!!
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    Thank you sluggo, perfectly said. As soon as one criticise anything you get jumped on and accused of ruining the hobby and it's loudly acclaimed "the hobby is a gamble". If it is, it shouldn't be, and I wish companies would stop it, I don't care if you can pull a $1000-$2000 card if you're super duper lucky once in a lifetime (or have a fortune and can buy ten cases), cause majority never do. So what is important, always, to me is the rest of the cards. The trend that boxes nowadays is about pulling a super card you never get, and the rest of the cards is fillers, is very very sad. That people buy boxes as lottery is just insane.

    I do understand Brian's mathematics, in order to have a Vezina rc etc you must have a lot of very cheap stuff, sure, but I have a feeling most of us didn't know how cheap and how likely it was to only pull those cheap cards. Personally I've fallen in love with the art cards, and to me HoH would ooze hobby if it contained only 4 awesome art cards, I would jump on the boxes then. But at least it could have contained two, still would consider getting boxes then, cause those cards may be the best hockey history cards that has ever been made. But where the history or greatness is to get 3 other old cards that there really is no history in, and it's just plain old (or new) stuff. I can get history buying a hockeyset from the 70's if it's the right year, very very cheap. Way cheaper than one box of this. I can get a dozen cards mixed from the 50/60/70 for the same price. Heck, I can even get about 4 cards from 1911(1) in poor condition, 100 year old, for the same price. Don't claim this common stuff in the Hoh boxes is hockey history just cause it's re-bought and slabbed. I have seen a few boxes contain super sweetness, like a 1966 Bobby Hull signed cards, I'm absolutely jealous on that, but the vast majority won't have it.

    Ps. I'm not an ITG basher btw, their product Captain C is a wonderful example of how a hobby product should be, awesome collectible basecards, great selection of autos and gameused.
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    If you knew the cost of the Art and Vintage Memorabilia, four cards in a box would command an astronomical cost.

    But maybe that's something to consider for the future.

    Brian Price

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    Depends what astronomical mean, but I would pay $500 for such a box.

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    Remember when a collector pays $250 for a box of History of Hockey, that is not what we sell it for.
    So if you are saying the retail price for a four Art/Memo cards would be $500 then I subtract the amount built in that retail price for dealers and distributors, I would tell you that it would be impossible to make.

    The Art and the Vintage Memorabilia costs too much. But it is an interesting idea.

    Brian Price

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    I may be crazy but it's actually the artwork and design I'm mostly after, not the gameused (which I understand must cost a fortune). What if you had two gameused art cards, and say 4 exclusive basecards, maybe 2 autographed (has to be alive players obviously), and then possibly parallells to the basecards too. Would that be possible for $500? I'm just making up my dream product but I can always dream.

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