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Thread: Block Ebay buyer: wjdurbin1

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    Block Ebay buyer: wjdurbin1

    One of the worst buyers I have ever encountered. Whenever he sends offers or pays for something he sends a little message that says make sure card if free of all flaws and defects. Right there, that is a red flag. Not to mention that all my auctions have pictures that can be blown up so buyers can see if there is anything wrong with the card. This is the card he wants to fight me on.

    Long story short:

    He buys two cards. Hit's BIN's.

    Later on, he sends low-ball offer on a separate auction and writes his little "card must be mint message" when the auction states NM-MINT. I was already peeved at the low-ball but when I saw the little message I said "no way" declined his offer and blocked him.

    A couple days pass and he pays for the two BIN's. It was then that I realized who I had sold the cards since I got his little must be MINT message. I inspected the cards and they seemed fine to me and I wasn't expecting a big fight over something only cost $1.99

    Some time passes and I notice a negative on my acct and it reads.


    So the Ray Allen is apparently damaged and because I had blocked him from before he couldn't complain and demand his money back on such a cheap card.

    So I wrote him...

    Explain to me how the card was damaged? I blocked you because I knew you
    were going to give me a problem when you said, make sure all cards are free
    of flaws/defects... People like you are overly picky about nothing. I
    specified that cards were NM-MINT. I didn't put MINT like you were
    obviously expecting. You paid $1.99 for the card? You're going to leave me
    a negative over a $1.99?

    His glorious response:

    That's fine, if that's the way u want to run ur business!!!!!!!!!! If u hadn't BLOCKED ME, u would already know what was wrong with the card & wouldn't have a Negative F/B on this transaction! Duh. Anyway, the problem is, the front of the card has numerous scratches along with a deep indentation just above tje word "Triple Tjreads" on right side. I think that deep down, u knew that this card would not fly with me, so that's why u blocked me? Am I right? Anyway, do u refund after I return it, or do I file an eBay Dispute? PLMK

    To which I replied:

    You're serious? You are far worse then I even expected. You want to return a card that you paid $1.99 for because there are some tiny scratches that you can only see if the card is held in a certain light? Not the corners or edges which are obviously fine? The description stated NM-MINT... You might want to look up what that means because that condition allows for some flaws.

    And no I blocked you because I knew what you were. You had already bought two cards from me and I obviously didn't think anything of it. You then low-balled me on a Spurs auction and I was going to counter your offer but I then saw your message which had said that the card had to pretty much be Gem Mint and that's when I blocked you. It wasn't until you paid for the other two that I realized it was you. I inspected the two cards... They seemed satisfactory and I really didn't expect a big mess on a transaction under $4. I am not going to deal with buyers who will return a card at the slightest flaw. Cards gets flaws especially if they are more then a few years old. Sometimes they have flaws when they come right out of the pack. Sometimes, the card stock is made in such a way that flaws are inevitable. So, if you are really going to be that picky you are going to be disappointed most of the time or you should buy graded already. You obviously don't own any UD Black cards. Because you would never be satisfied since a 9 on any UD Black is a huge grade.

    And I am not giving you any refund... After already getting a negative, not getting my fees back, having paid your postage when I sent it, and then giving you your money back I am not paying $3-$4 to buy my card back because the card wasn't flawless when the auction stated NM-MINT.

    The worst part is that he also bought a dozen auctions on my other account... I thought I had blocked him there too. The cards he bought were $1.00 with free shipping and most are 10-20 years old, cheaply made, and most all of them have flaws... You can see flaws in the pictures of all the auctions but he sent me his must be MINT message when he paid so I knew it was him when I put the package together. This all happened before the negative. So I wasn't sure what I was dealing with. Had I known he want get panties in a wad over the Ray Allen I would have just sent his money back and never sent the other cards at all. But I am going to have a second issue and am not even sure how to deal with it yet.

    I will update this thread when the conversation continues.

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    Go to and put this clown's name in. He has left over 500 negative/neutral feedback. So who is being unreasonable here.

    His response:

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was going to remove the Negative
    f/b once I received the
    refund (after I returned the card) as u should
    have already known if ud been
    with eBay long? The comments that I make
    when paying for my wins, are the
    same with each purchase. I DO NOT expect
    the card to be MINT or GEM, unless
    the auction states such. All I ask, is
    that it be " free of
    defects/damage/flaws prior to shpg". I think that ur
    the one who should
    re-check Beckett's defination of NM-MT? I could spend
    all day, argueing back
    & forth with u, but if we can't reach an amicable
    agreement, I'll just file
    a Dispute & let eBay sort it out! Awaiting ur

    My response

    I just went to and see the hundreds of negatives you have left people... It says you have left 271 negatives and only retracted 6! So don't lie to me and tell me that you were going to retract your negative when you never do it. I'm not the one that is unreasonable obviously... Go ahead and open a case...

    "And a card that is free of flaws or defects" is a mint card by definition. A NM-MINT card has flaws, that's why it's not MINT.

    You bought 11 auctions from another account that I use

    You are not going to like the cards... Trust me. So do us both a favor and don't even open the package. Just have it re-routed to me. The name on the package is *******. So don't give me a second fight and don't bother opening it and just have it rerouted it to me.

    And if you want to send back the Ray Allen, the shipping cost is on you.

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    What a tool, good luck man. Guys like him make me not want to sell anything!

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