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    Zdeno Chara Injures His Friend Miro Satan, Claims He Didn't Know it Was Satan
    Back in November, Miroslav Satan's Slovan team was facing Lev and Zdeno Chara, and Chara was in one of his "appetite for destruction" moods.
    The former Boston Bruins teammates collided twice in spectacular fashion, but it was their second collision that sent Satan down to the ice bleeding: A shoulder to the chin from Chara in the neutral zone that just makes you wince upon viewing it.
    Said Satan after the game: "I've played hockey for 30 years. I know a clean hit from a bad one; if it would've been a clean hit, I wouldn't [have been] cut."

    Much like angels, unicorns and sharing do, Chara angered Satan. Really, really angered him.
    Mainly because the former NHL forward suffered neck injuries. But also because Miro thought he and Zdeno were friends, and friends don't make friends nearly paralyzed.
    From Roman Jedlicka of TV NOVA, a translation from this interview with Satan:
    "Zdeno risked the health and life of someone who calls a good friend. I'm not saying he wanted intentionally to hurt me but he knew that was me and that I didn't see him. Plate between the sixth and seventh vertebrae in my neck is displaced by 4.5 mms into the spinal canal. It took a bit and I may have been paralyzed."
    Satan said his headaches have subsided, but that he's still looking for further evaluation of his neck injury, which has kept him out of action since the Chara hits.
    As for Chara, Satan said the Bruins defenseman was unaware that his friend was the one taking the punishing hits during the game.
    As in, he didn't know who he was hitting. Hmmm … we seem to recall this is a reoccurring theme for Z.
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    I gave him benefit of the doubt on the Pacioretty hit. He's definitely falling in my books. It's sad, now Krejci is the only Bruins I like at all.

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    its hockey fast and dangerous play or get off the ice it happens

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    Nice clean hit by Chara.

    The journalistic quality of puck daddy rivals the scripts from the original Spiderman. Just trash writing skills.

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    That wasn't even a hit, it was Chara standing there and Miro skating with his head down right into him!! Gimme a break, hasnt anyone seen the highlight film of all the headshots and people leaving their feet for hits in the KHL?

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    Have to keep your head up and on a swivel, looked like a clean shoulder check to a short guy looking at his skates, he didn't raise his elbow. I really don't know how a guy 6'9" can shoulder check a guy a foot shorter in the chest without ducking. These hits always remind me of how amazing lil Joe Sakic was, did the guy Ever take a hard hit?

    As for hating all the Bruin's, that is by design, after both Bergeron and Savard both got hit with seriously dirty head shots that ended one stars career, and almost the others, the Bear's decided to load up on big boys and protect themselves.
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    wait for dougie to start playing for the b's

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    Clean hit by Chara... Keep your head up out there, It's a fast paced game!

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    If it was so clean, why was his excuse "I didn't know it was him"?
    I used to like Chara, but I don't trust him on the ice anymore. The Big Bad Bruins mentality has ruined him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wickabee View Post
    If it was so clean, why was his excuse "I didn't know it was him"?
    I used to like Chara, but I don't trust him on the ice anymore. The Big Bad Bruins mentality has ruined him.
    That was in response to Satan implying that Chara was playing especially rough because it was against him. Chara replied by stating that Satan's argument was null because he, in fact, didn't know it was him.

    I think you're just a bit bitter ;)

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