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    Random places you've gotten design 'inspiration' from

    Since I started making customs, I've gotten the designs from some rather strange places which include but is not limited to to the following:

    the packaging of an instant noodles pack
    the siding of a roof design in a wedding/convention hall
    older hockey cards (blatantly ripping these ones off)
    cushion covers
    the packaging of a tin of hot chocolate
    a soccer jersey
    A shower tile with a diamond type design on it
    covers of music albums

    Unfortunately my attempts to create some of these designs haven't gone down so well so far due to bad photoshop design skills but I keep them in mind, anyone have any other weird places they get their designs from?

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    The weirdest place I've taken inspiration from would either be a building (tried to do columns and I just didn't like the look of it) or from a blueprint.

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