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Thread: LTTF a "NICE" Marino Auto

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    LTTF a "NICE" Marino Auto

    I really want to add a "cornerstone" type Marino auto to my PC.

    Here are my high-end cards FT

    Barry Sanders NT multi-colored patch auto /10
    Tony Romo 2 clr patch Auto /5
    Sayers/Forte on card dual /35
    Sayers/AP dual /99
    AP 3 clr patch auto /5
    Portis 3 clr patch auto /25

    Scans are in my bucket. Ignore NFT/PC titles. The only cards that are not available are Marino/Jason Taylor/Zach Thomas. Others will be hard to get though.

    Please post what you have and lets get a deal done tonight. thanks.

    Here is my bucket link:

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    Quote Originally Posted by giantfan270 View Post
    Good luck pal!
    Thanks man!

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    Any Marinos out there?

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    Another try...

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