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Thread: Shipping to Canada from COMC.

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    Shipping to Canada from COMC.

    Hey Canadians, just wondering what your experience is buying from check Out My Cards. Bought some stuff that will be two weeks ago tomorrow and it still hasn't arrived. Not a big money deal-- maybe $25 all-in so I can't see it hanging around customs for too long. Anyone know if this is the norm or I should I contact them?

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    I've purchased from them before. Shipping isn't too bad (I believe it's $3 flat plus 25 cents each if you want them in a top loader, or something close to that). I think my package took close to 3 weeks, they aren't very speedy with shipping to international addresses and I think they only ship them out once a week. My cards arrived in great condition in toploaders as I paid for but it wasn't the quickest transaction I've had for sure. Hopefully that helps!


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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    What are their shipping charges per card?
    5.50 for 10 cards. So $0.55

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    Thanks for the reply. I'll wait. I've just never ordered from them before so I wasn't sure if my stuff got lost in the Black Friday madness haha

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    It's normal for packages from the US to take at least 2 weeks by regular mail and right now obviously it's the holidays so....

    It's $3 shipping actually as a flat rate from instead of the other one so I just use that so that I know what the shipping cost is. They're also opening up a Canadian COMC. I dunno how that differs from the regular one if it'll be two different sites or if it just means that they'll ship quicker by sending the cards to their Canadian warehouse first or something.

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    I ordered on COMC during Black Friday as well and I'm still waiting on my package.

    Lately most packages I get from the US take around 3 weeks. I made my purchases from COMC on November 23rd & 24th, however they did not ship them until November 29th.

    Hopefully it comes in time for Christmas as it's a nice gift to myself! I usually buy myself a few boxes for Christmas, however this year, with the black friday deals so great on COMC I spent my box money on singles instead.
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    I bought a bunch of cards from them on Black Friday too and they haven't got to me yet either.
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    My first order from them was on October 26th, was shipped on the 27th and it arrived on November 16th. So it is about 3 weeks to Canada based on my experience. Black Friday orders will likely arrive some time next week.

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    i got my card today that I ordered the day before black friday, if that helps you out at all
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