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    A Jagr cornerstone nocked on my door today. Special S&T. Need some advice.


    I usually dont do a s&t for just a item or two, but when I purchased this piece I knew I had to make a special s&t. The man who knocked on my door, delivered this to me today.

    Game Used Koho "Abs Cap" Stick, used by Jaromir Jagr while playing for Pittsburg Penguins. As you maybe can see from the scan, the blade has some severe cracks, but that made the stick available in my price range. Ive been looking for a game used Jagr stcik for some time now, but they doesnt pop up very often and its difficult to ship to Norway(!?). But this stick was perfect for me, Koho stick, which I really like, the classic red tape and the blade tape intact. The crack doesnt bother me cause this stick is already on my wall and it gives it a lot of character and history.

    I sat down and started to do some research on the stick, to find out which time period it came from and maybe to find out which season it was used. After some net search I did find out that Jagr used the Abs Cap while plying for Penguins just from the start of the 1999-00 season to November 2000. So that limits the possibilities a lot. Which is cool. Does someone have some advice or tips to how to research a game used item some more?? I really dig the historian kind of work.

    More pictures;

    I did come over a pretty intresting spot on the stick, on the blade just below the shaft, there are written with gold pen, "24-11". Have anyone seen something like that before? I did take a guess and checked for matches played on November 24th in 1999-01. And in 2000 Penguins played against Flyers and won 1-0, can the number have something to do with that? Heres a picture of it;

    This is the first dive into game used water and boy do I like it, but my wallet dont. :)

    Take Care
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    Search Getty images and narrow the range down by the dates he used or may have used that stick. Good luck finding anything!

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