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Thread: new pc?

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    new pc?

    ok i pc texans. i did it that way instead of just one player to make it less boring. unfortunately im finding myself getting bored with the same patches and autos over and over. im looking for another non texan i can pc. a player with fairly decent patches that is relatively inexpensive. im not looking to put a lot into this one. just want something different to look at. SO CAN ANYONE GIVE ME A SUGESTION ON WHO?

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    How about a decent skill player who's relatively under the radar, like WRs Chris Givens, Justin Blackmon (a little more expensive), Michael Floyd, or even Kendall Wright?

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    yeah i thought about john baldwin last season, but so many were collecting him lol. who is givens with? what team?

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    He's on the Rams, and he has produced better than my boy (Pettis) and has definitely passed him, and others on the depth chart. Has had some very decent games under the radar, including 11 grabs in a game vs. SF. After not playing for the first two weeks, hes put up a line of 36-584-3TD for the year, and appears to be the #2 or #3 behind Amendola (when healthy) and Brandon Gibson.

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    well thats a good sugestion bud. i'll see what else catches my eye, but i may very well start picking up some of his stuff. thanks for the help!

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    No worries. As long as its not Boise guys! (kidding, but only kinda...)

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    lol i have no idea who came out of boise. if i do its not because i know who it is lol

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    How about Brian Hartline from the Dolphins? He's a quality receiver and (considering the team colors) you can get some really nice patches too.

    BTW, I've been looking to get maybe one Andre Johnson auto, just haven't found any that I really like.

    GLW your search for a new pc player.

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    thanks bud. i didnt think about him. i checked out what he has. the patches he does have are few and fairly pricey. i dont think i would get very far with him lol. maybe lamar miller or michael egnew? was also thinking about joe adams since everyone seems to pull him and doesnt want him lol. or leonard hankerson. im getting so,e good ideas from you guys so far :)

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