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Thread: Wow!!!!!

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    That's ridiculous. Why, why, why would you spend that much on those? 50k for a Dez? That's nuts. Never understood why you would spend tons of money on any card. But then again, I'm just a pack opener, not a PC kinda guy. Love collecting, not selling.

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    thats gotta be a mistake on someones part or something. no football card is worth that much. i dont care who it is that bought it they have to know that card is not worth anything near that much. that looks fishy to me. like someone ran that on purpose. i bet they try to resell those cards within the week.

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    No way a Dez is worth 5X what a Luck is worth. Ever. I bet the Dez never even gets paid for.

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    Based on the sale date and no feedback from it, I doubt it was paid for.

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    yeah I'll bet that Dez was 'purchased' to mess with the person that owns the card.

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    No way the $50K auction for Dez Bryant is legit.

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