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    NHL-NHLPA not far apart, despite rhetoric

    Perhaps the most perplexing aspect of the negotiation process during this lockout is how the two sides can have such a diametrically opposed version of their own reality. You’d expect them to have conflicting viewpoints and a propensity to put their own spin on the issues. But what has been utterly incomprehensible is how each side presents its version of the events as truth and how they can be so different.
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    I think them being in front of the cameras so much is detrimental. They have to take an overly strong public position. Continually doing so for the benefit of the cameras, I think, is causing a good amount of the bad blood we've seen. They're really not that far apart and, if not for the media, I think we'd already have a season.
    The cameras need to leave them alone. We need to leave them alone. They need to hash this out amongst themselves so we can go back to caring about who's the best backup, what rookie defenseman is going to turn into Lidstrom and who's more annoying Don Cherry or Pierre McGuire.
    Until we bow out gracefully and let them do the "behind the doors" work in peace, they're going to continue to publicly insult each other and not make a deal because of ego, not numbers.

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    i saw on twitter that if the NHL put their last offer back on the table, players would accept it..

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