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Thread: Would you grade this?

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    Would you grade this?

    Pulled this last week. Was thinking of selling once the Colts and maybe Redskins make the playoffs. I don't own any graded cards and have never made a submission, and I kind of always thought it was a sham.

    Now, I'll fully admit to being a hypocrite here, but if it will jack up the price I can command on the E-bay, I will totally grade this beast.

    Is this the kind of card that one would typically get graded? The sticker placement looks good, but does anyone know if the centering of the stickers shows up in any of the sub grades, or if it is part of the auto grade? Those autos are perfect as far as I can tell...nice and bold and completely on the sticker.

    Any input appreciated!

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    If it was mine, I wouldn't grade it, I don't see the point, it is a sweet card, but I would just sell it shortly and be done with it. Very nice card by the way. Good luck with it.

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    Autos look good. As far as grading it I wouldnt. If the grade isnt a 9.5 or 10 it could backfire on you. its up to you. If it gets a good grade it would make it more desirable. How much more it would bring is subjective. It would look nice in a bgs case though :)

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    Get it graded and if it doesn't grade what you want crack the case and sell it.

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    I don't really see the point in grading a card like that. Like somebody else said unless it comes back a 9.5 or 10 you will have wasted the grading fee.
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    What do people typically grade then? True rookie cards, so they can point theirs out as being pristine compared to the vast majority?

    Thanks for the input all!

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    Yeah unless you're going to keep the card, I wouldn't grade it. Sell that bad boy! Good luck

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    I wouldn't grade it, the card looks plenty sharp in the one-touch magnetic toploader.

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    I also would not grade it. The only cards I would consider grading would have to:

    a) be a cornerstone type rookie card (Contenders, Topps Chrome, SP know the products that have held up through the years) OR
    b) Be from a set that tends to not grade so well (Chrome with centering issues, SP Authentic with chipping, etc, etc.)

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    What do you think you'll get for it RAW? $800?

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