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Thread: A SCF first and last!!!!!

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    A SCF first and last!!!!!

    I need to make a little cash so I am selling off a few pieces from my Ray Rice pc. Everything has a price just the right price. Lmk what you are interested in and I will shoot you a price. Serious offers only......

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    pm me a number on the sp authentic, national treasures and the exquisite please thanks

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    mammoth patch
    NT auto
    contenders auto
    NT laundry tag
    forte rice NT combo

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    All of this nice stuff and nobody wants it. I guess it must be meant for me to keep it.

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    looking for donruss threads card 263
    the letter 'I'.hit me with a price if avail
    or cmb lots of rice stuff in ravens pc

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    Greg I am only looking to sell. I can let the I go for $60 as that is the hardest letter to get. Lmk

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