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    wow...that is one nice card...I've always wondered where they get the jerseys for the older players because you'd think that they would want most of them in a museum.

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    wow that is cool, imo cards like that are much more valuable , or to me anyway. Today players just put on a jersey and throw them in a pile to be cut up , back then noone did that so i would definitely pay more for vintage stuff like that because you know its the real deal

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    Nice card, indeed. I bet he has no problem getting his $500 price for that, even with the imperfection he mentioned...

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    He'll get a lot for that card. It is a gem indeed, and any card like that of a historical player are great IMO.


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    well...didnt get past the reserve ($255 was it for the bidding)

    I don't get thats about the size of it with GU anymore !

    bet he was surprised as well!!

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    The shipping cost must have scared everybody away.:D
    You would think something like that would go even higher than $500. That is one awsome card. Sure wish I could get something like that.

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