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    Last box of 2012 UFC Bloodlines came in!

    I had to bust this thing immediately! This was the last box I was waiting and as I had hoped, they saved the best for last. My Bloodlines break continue to be haunted by Louis Gaudinot and Miguel Torres but the rest of the hits more than made up for it! Here we go:

    Louis Gaudinot Jumbo Relic 82/88 (At least it's a cool looking relic)
    Cung Le 2clr Auto/Relic 60/79 (Not too shabby)
    Miguel Angel Torres Auto/Relic 105/199 (4 years ago I might have been excited about this card and man, his signature is horrible)
    Cain Velasquez Relic 56/188 (Like Cain but kinda a boring card)
    Anderson Silva Flag Patch Relic 6/25 (Now we're talking!)
    Tank Abbott Fighting Forefathers Relic 87/188
    Alistair Overeem Auto 26/75 (Finally a solid base auto!)
    Now is where it starts to get really good...

    Rich "Ace" Franklin Red Ink Auto!! 3/15!! Super sweet PC hit! I love Franklin and he's got such an awesome looking auto too, signed ACE as well.
    Dual Ruby Relic of Mauricio Rua and Lyoto Machida!! 4/8!! Both relics are 2 colors, card is freaking sweet! Another awesome PC hit. I saw the back of the card first and was pretty happy to hit a dual relic of Rua and Machida then I flip it over to see it was a Ruby and I about flipped!
    And to top it all off.... GSP Base Auto Redemption!! My 1st GSP auto!! Finally!!! :)

    Man my first box was terrible, my next 2 were good, and this one was just insane! So pumped that I got to end on this box. Going to try to get scans up shortly.

    Rest of the scans are in my bucket now with the rest of my 2012 Bloodlines breaks:
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    GSP, the Reem, Ace red ink, and a solid ruby gear card. Very very nice!
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    Congrats on the SICK box!!! LOVE the ruby cards in this set!

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    could you check my bucket for the reem auto if you are trading? thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by stref067 View Post
    could you check my bucket for the reem auto if you are trading? thanks
    Didn't see anything for the Reem. Thanks though.

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    Nice box! I should have one waiting for me when I get home, too.

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