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    I have a $50 Money order for the Best GU auto lot

    I am looking for quality not quantity. I will take a big list of good players though. I am just saying that I would rather a small list of good names instead of a big list of nobody's. I will send the Money Order to the Best lot I get offered by next Saturday Feburary 11, 2006 at 8:00 am.

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    Not really looking for anything certain this time just a nice lot of good players, so I can bulk up my tradelist a little more. However if you have any 05-06 SPx RC or auto/jsy RC I need quite a few of them, and of course I am always looking for Wade, Iverson, and Pujols

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    if you get a sec check my links and throw a list up for me so I know I am offering stuff you could use

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    Just let me know what

    you would give for $50.

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    $50 for this take it or leave it one time only.
    04-05 Finest Tony Allen auto rc refractor 4/179
    05-06 Hardcourt signatures Johan Petro auto
    05-06 Hoops Julius Hodge HoopScripts auto
    05-06 UD Rookie Debut Monta Ellis debut ink auto
    05-06 UD Reflections Joey Graham signature reflections red auto 51/100
    05-06 SPX Joey Graham Jsy/Auto rc 9/1499
    04-05 SP Authentic signatures Sebastian Telfair auto
    02-03 Ud Top Prospects Zarko Cabarkaba signs of sucsess auto
    04-05 Sage Hit Chris Taft auto 42/250
    (3)04-05 Sage Chris Taft auto silver 12/110, bronze 125/230, red 51/170
    00-01 UD Pros & Prospects Baron Davis auto/jsy
    02-03 Topps Xpectations Mike Dunleavy auto rc

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    That is a very nice lot. I am waiting until Saturday to pick the best one though. You said one time offer take it or leave it, is it still going to be good if I pick it this Saturday.

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