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    Need a Joey Jotto/Barry Larkin/Jim Edmonds Banner

    I need to get a Joey Larkin/Barry Larkin/Jim Edmonds banner made if possible. Don't have paypal but can send payment thru the mail if anybody is interested and can make it.


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    I can get you one

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    Thanks. Lmk how much for it. Don't get paid till Thursday and have no paypal so would need to send payment to you.


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    I had a guy above send me one in a pm but he never got back with me. Not sure how to get it from the pm to here or even if you can. He also never told me how much he needed for it. If you can make me one i would appreciate it.


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    I sure could! i would do it for 3.50 and i will just email it too you, so pm that, and anything specific that you would want on it! Thanks!

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