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    Vintage Success and everything else

    Wanted to add a vintage thread for those who trade and send vintage as well. I have decided to start sending out some of my vintage cards and see how many i can get signed. I cringe when sending them but have noticed most 60-70s players have good success rates. I have started with my 1969 and 1967 Topps but will eventually move into some of my 79 Topps. Also I'm always willing to trade for vintage cards if anyone has any extra and since im using them for TTM, shape is not a relatively high concern. Just not cards that are bent in half or majorly off centered.
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    George Thomas 1965T.JPGGeorge Thomas 1966T.JPGAl Spangler 1966T.JPGDon Ferrarese 1958T.JPG

    1958 Topps: Don Ferrarese
    1965 Topps: George Thomas-for trade
    1966 Topps: George Thomas, Al Spamgler-Both for trade

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    Bob Chance 1969T.JPGJim Gosger 1969T.JPGPat Jarvis 1969T.JPG

    More 1969 Topps: Bob Chance-personalized, Pat Jarvis and Jim Gosger-Yeah Sure!!

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    Bill Henry 1961T.JPGBob Chance 1965T.JPGDon Lock 1966T.JPG

    1961 Topps: Bill Henry-for trade
    1965: Bob Chance-for trade
    1966: Don Lock-for trade

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    I kinda started to do 1973 topps.. I have
    Joe niekro (deceased)
    Sal bando
    john ellis
    George culver
    jeff torborg
    Carmen fanzone

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    I'm just sending out what I have and crossing my fingers. most of mine will be 67 & 79 Topps as I have more from those years. I wish I had more '58 because just love how It looks signed. the base colors really make the autos pop.
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