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    Started an early Christmas with these returns but after opening a few of them I hit the Suarez. Left a note thanking me for my letter but he didnt feel like answer my questions due to recently losing his wife. He included a very nice picture of him and his wife. So sad to hear about his loss and ill follow up with another letter.
    1969 Topps: Ken Suarez, Andy Kosco, Dick Bosman (no hitter 7/19/74)
    1967: Jerry Lumpe, Don Schwall (1961 ROY)
    1966: Al Worthington


    Al Worthington 1966T.JPGAndy Kosco 1969T.JPGDick Bosman 1969T.JPGDon Schwall 1967T.JPGJerry Lumpe 1967T.JPG

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    Picked up a few more 1967 Topps
    Bruce Brubaker, Bruce Howard, Casey Cox, Russ Snyder, Tommie Sisk-All for trade

    Bruce Brubaker 1967T.JPGBruce Howard 1967T.JPGCasey Cox 1967T.JPGRuss Snyder 1967T.JPGTommie Sisk 1967T.JPG

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    Was a good mail day for my Vintage 58 set and 69.
    58's: Bill Vidron, Ted Lepcio, Art Schult, Dave Hillman, Hal Naragon
    69: George Thomas
    67: George Thomas, Al Downing

    Art Schult 1958T.JPGBill Virdon 1958T.JPGDave Hillman 1958T.JPGHal Naragon 1958T.JPGTed Lepcio 1958T.JPG

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    Got some good vintage in. I collect 58/69 but rest is for trade
    58: Law, Pascual, Rivera, Kosko, Pierce, Sullivan, Sievers
    69: Lemaster, Whitfield, Cisco, McCraw
    65: Pascual, Vineyard
    67: Ellis
    66: Whitfield

    Billy Pierce 1958T.JPGCamilo Pasccual 1958T.JPGEddie kasco 1958T.JPGFrank Sullivan 1958T.JPGJim Rivera 1958T.JPG

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