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    Vintage Success and everything else

    Wanted to add a vintage thread for those who trade and send vintage as well. I have decided to start sending out some of my vintage cards and see how many i can get signed. I cringe when sending them but have noticed most 60-70s players have good success rates. I have started with my 1969 and 1967 Topps but will eventually move into some of my 79 Topps. Also I'm always willing to trade for vintage cards if anyone has any extra and since im using them for TTM, shape is not a relatively high concern. Just not cards that are bent in half or majorly off centered.
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    Had a couple really great successes for my vintage collection and was able to make a trade for a few to add to the 1969 collection.
    !958 Topps (TTM): Carl Erskine and Jim Bunning
    1958 Topps via trade: Eddie Yost and Alex Grammas
    1966 Topps (TTM): Orlando Pena

    Alex Grammas 1958T.JPGCarl Erskine 1958T.JPGEddie Yost 1958T.JPGJim Bunning 1958T.JPGOrlando Pena 1965T.JPG
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    Gotta give a big time thank you to fellow TTMer Delones24 for our trade and helping me add a few more cards to my 1969 Topps collection.
    1969 Topps (TTM): Andy Etchebarren, Dave Leonhard
    1969 Topps via trade: Al Dark, Al McBean, Bill Monoboquette, Bill Stoneman, Dave Duncan, Dick Hughes, Jim Davenport, Jose Santiago, Norm Miller, Rich Robertson, Roger Repoz, Ron Perranoski, Sammy Ellis

    Al Dark 1969T.JPGAl McBean 1969T.JPGAndy Etchebarren 1969T.JPGBill Monoboquette 1969T.JPGBill Stoneman 1969.JPG

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    Have a couple more returns to post.
    1966 Topps Bruce Howard-for trade
    1969 Topps Tim Cullen for my set build
    2012 AG Al Kaline-not a vintage card but HOFer

    Bruce Howard 1966T.JPGTim Cullen 1969T.JPGAl Kaline 2012 AG.JPG

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    Made a purchase for a Hall Of Famer for the 1958 Topps collection. This one is SWEET! Larry Doby- HOFer

    Larry Doby 1958T.JPG

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    Received Paul Casanova via TTM, 1967 Topps. Will post pic later and not sure when I sent card but was in 2012. It is for trade if any one is interested.

    Paul Casanova 1967T.JPG
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    Another 69 Topps today: Bernie Allen
    im almost out of 69 cards to send, yikes!

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    Those Vintage cards are looking great, keep up the great work!

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