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    AWESOME Re-Sale lot... Gabbert, Vernon Davis, Osweiler, ETC. --L@@K--

    Here it is, $48 dlvd... That is paypal goods. If you want to save on paypal, i'll take 45 gift dlvd..I have this same lot up on another forum so the first to post on either gets it. Make some quick $$$ on this or wait until the season and maybe double it, your choice..
    /350 ( the "E" is short printed, I believe only 50 made)

    Vernon Davis Prestige auto /100

    Bowers Sterling RC auto /99

    Jamie Harper Legends auto

    Housler Platinum RC auto /150

    Royster Sweet Spot RC auto

    Worilds Epix RC auto /499

    Clyde Gates RPM jsy/auto /299

    Kuechly Momentum auto /399

    Osweiler Sterling Jumbo Patch /99

    Jamie Harper Star Gazing Jumbo 2 clr patch /15

    Chris Givens R&S Jumbo Patch 2 clr 49/49 (ebay 1/1 )

    Titus Young 3 clr inception /75
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