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    Boxed Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis games FT

    I have came across a box of Genesis and Super NES Games that are complete in the box. Alot of them have Video Store stickers on them and all of them work good. Here is the list:

    Sega Genesis:

    Pirates Of Dark Water
    King Of The Monsters 2
    Fu (Case only)
    Family Feud
    Phantom 2040
    Cutthroat Island
    Bassmasters Classic
    Comix Zone
    Tecmo Super Bowl III
    NBA Action "95
    World Series Baseball '95
    World Series Baseball '96
    Prime Time NFL Starring Deion Sanders
    Wayne Gretzky And The NHLPA All-Stars
    Madden '95,'96,'97
    NBA Live '96,97
    EA Sports Triple Play Gold Edition
    MLBPA Baseball
    Andritti Racing
    NBA Showdown '94
    PGA European Tour
    RBI Baseball "94
    Champions World Class Soccer
    Olympic Summer Games Atlanta 1996
    Andre Agassi Tennis
    NFL Football '94
    Mickey Mania
    NFL Quarterback Club
    Barkley Shut Up And Jam 1 and 2
    Pitfall The Mayan Adventure
    ESPN Baseball Tonight
    Hardball '94,'95
    Evander Holyfields Real Deal Boxing (No Manual but boxed)
    World Series Baseball
    Double Dribble The Playoff Edition
    The Jungle Book
    Bassmasters Classic Pro Edition
    College Slam
    Boxing Legends Of The Ring
    Pink Goes To Hollywood
    Bugs Bunny In Double Trouble
    Quackshot Starring Donald Duck
    Also a complete Sega Genesis

    Genesis Loose Games:
    Mutant League Football
    Test Drive III
    Tony Larussa Baseball (Has cover from box but faded and discolored)

    Super Nintendo Games :

    Revolution X Featuring Aerosmith
    Super Godzilla
    Super V-Blla
    College Slam
    Shaq Fu
    Pro Sports Hockey
    PGA Tour '96
    Madden '95
    College Football USA '97
    Tommy Moe's Winter X-Treme Skiiing And Snowboarding
    EA Sports : PGA Tour Golf
    Jeopardy! Sports Edition
    Capcom's Soccer Shootout

    PS1 : Coolboarers 2,4

    Here is an album of the games :

    CML or send me some offers on PS1/Saturn/NES/SNES/Genesis Fighting,Beat 'Em Up,RPGs,and Shoot 'Em Up games

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    price on all your snes games thanks , merry christmas.

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    Price on these two games for the SNES:
    Jeopardy! Sports Edition
    Shaq Fu

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    Can i get prices on all games listed plz
    2017 WWE Women's Division
    Jason Giambi/Kris Humphries/Tyler Wilson

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