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    Tom Brady Game Used 2005 Silver Jersey

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    Don't think anyone is being a jack **^#. They just can't make an offer unless they see pictures. Without pictures, how will they be able to make offers? And no reason being paranoid with the fact that others will be using your pictures to fabricate their own jerseys. Just my two cents. If you want to sell or trade, show pictures, gives everyone reasonable feedback and questions they may have regarding your jersey.

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    Use your imagination or tell me your ballpark budget that simple i dont need to sell and i dont need to deal with tirekickers that bs me around

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    Quote Originally Posted by openairmovie View Post
    Use your imagination or tell me your ballpark budget that simple i dont need to sell and i dont need to deal with tirekickers that bs me around
    So you have pics but won't post them and I'm sure you have a value in mind but won't say it and you expect everybody else to do the work???

    Uhm with that said, who's the real "tirekickers" here?

    Sorry if I sound rude but whats the point of a thread with no pics, no prices, no real info or details? You'd be amazed the kind of interest that a simple pic could bring. Somebody might see the pic and say "I must have this" and wind up making a deal (done this myself on a couple high end gamers I wasn't in the market for) but without the pics I wouldn't have fallen in love with it and wouldn't have bought it.

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    Theres no autograph on this thing so theres no need to inspect it, fact of the matter is I dont NEED to sell it, I'm very content keeping it, the purpose of this post was to put out feelers to see what people are willing to go on it, but if everyone wants to play the game then I'll just very well hold onto this thing. I'm obviously not some scammer as i've sold and bought plenty on here. I don't play games with people, I set my perameters if people don't like them don't deal with me on this item its that simple. I'm pretty easy to deal with but I'm protecting this item, ive been in the industry for long enough to know the rarity of this item and I don't want to see a thousand hacks out there claiming to have "authentic" game used tom brady jerseys once they see the fine details that make this differ from some other off the shelf jersey. Its that simple, again don't like it don't deal with me. That simple. Call it bad attitude, call it being a jerk call it whatever you want but its my way of doing business on this one specific item. Quite frankly I dotn care if it sells but if someone were to come on here and say "Ok heres where I'm at, Id give around _ and _ " If that number was high enough it'd peak my interest to work with this person and I'd see they are legit.

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    NO ONE will give you an offer without seeing PICS of the jersey. Do you buy stuff off eBay without pictures? I sure don't and something this high in value, I would want to see pictures first. I would love to see some pics in order to make an offer. If it's a gamer, post pics of the gamer tags.
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