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    Quote Originally Posted by openairmovie View Post
    Still available if interested take time to actually read not wasting my time taking detailed photos of this thing until someone gives me a ballpark offer of what they are thinking for it, secondly I don't want there to be photos out there on the web so other can fabricate their own jerseys and SAY they are game used. This is 100% authentic you want it, make a serious offer and dont be a jack

    As long as I have been collecting/buying gamer jerseys, that just never happens. there are pics of gamers all OVER ebay and the internet.

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    Cmon guy. Cut the crap. This board is not the board that routinely moves high end items. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know you're sitting with an item in the range of 5k and above. No pics/No COA/No story on how you got it? Get real. And the reason for NOT posting pics is just dumb. Way dumb. Fabricating...yea, ok. Proof pics being "stolen" and used all over ebay is one thing but what you're suggesting is laughable. So...take a deep breath and ask a mod to delete this thread or post a pic. Simple. Enough of the tough talk and behaving like you have the holy grail of collectibles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by openairmovie View Post
    Use your imagination or tell me your ballpark budget that simple i dont need to sell and i dont need to deal with tirekickers that bs me around
    Whew... I have been using my imagination lately and, my GOD.... I'm picturing Candice Swanepoel wearing a Tom Brady 2005 Game Used Silver Jersey worth $30K! Then I tell her, "Toss the Jersey, because you're worth $30K for a night out."

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    We have been dealing with game used items for over 15 years. I dont want pics of the jerseys. I want 1or 2 pictures for proof of the jersey. Please take a pic of the tags at the back of the neck area and any other tags on the INSIDE of the jersey and PM them, or whatever you want to do.
    People in this industry know what I am looking for with this request, and will confirm authenticity of the jersey.
    If you are looking for offers, we would pay anywhere from $1-$10,000 if the jersey can be confirmed and photomatched to the game. ( easy to do with access to getty images, which we do have)

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    Have fun selling this!!!!
    STL Cards and Rams

    Looking for autographed baseballs

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    Let me know if you are still looking to sell it? I have owned a few real ones and a couple of good forgeries. Unfortunately it is a jersey that is extremely difficult to get. Sorry, but I don't get the whole picture thing? I show most of my jerseys to anyone that asks?

    shoot me a message or pics if interested in selling? If its a nice jersey, my offer will be substantial.

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    I'm debating whether to sell this or not, I got one offer on this and to be honest I'd rather keep it at that price. If my tax refund comes out far less than what I'm expecting to pay the bills I need to pay, and I still need the money I'll play the game with you all otherwise this is going to sit nicely framed for my kids one day to probably eff up and sell at a yard sale. I'll update once I find out whether I'll actually really need this money or not. I don't want to regret getting rid of something like this as I know I'll never have an opportunity to own one again

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    What a joke. That high end of an item and he's that fussy about pictures? Its fake or your bs'ing, simple as that. Its not hard to watermark a photo if you're that worried about someone snatching your photo.

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    Believe it as fake all you want, I know whats hanging on my wall and I know how I got it, simple enough for me bud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by openairmovie View Post
    Theres no autograph on this thing so theres no need to inspect it, fact of the matter is I dont NEED to sell it, I'm very content keeping it, the purpose of this post was to put out feelers to see what people are willing to go on it, but if everyone wants to play the game then I'll just very well hold onto this thing. I'm obviously not some scammer as i've sold and bought plenty on here. I don't play games with people, I set my perameters if people don't like them don't deal with me on this item its that simple. I'm pretty easy to deal with but I'm protecting this item, ive been in the industry for long enough to know the rarity of this item and I don't want to see a thousand hacks out there claiming to have "authentic" game used tom brady jerseys once they see the fine details that make this differ from some other off the shelf jersey. Its that simple, again don't like it don't deal with me. That simple. Call it bad attitude, call it being a jerk call it whatever you want but its my way of doing business on this one specific item. Quite frankly I dotn care if it sells but if someone were to come on here and say "Ok heres where I'm at, Id give around _ and _ " If that number was high enough it'd peak my interest to work with this person and I'd see they are legit.
    Why would there be no need to inspect it just because it doesnt have an autograph? You are a clown.

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