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Thread: Jj watt now at 19.5 sacks

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    Jj watt now at 19.5 sacks

    If smith gets zero or one sack tonight who do you think will break the record first? Watt had 3 today and is currently tied with smith for the lead.

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    It will be close with those two. They should both get close to the record. Man, there could be a bunch of records broken this year.
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    I think both of them will break it this year. They need 3 each to break it.

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    As a Giants fan that sucks but i guess I hope JJ Watt does t first
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    I hope that they both break the record, but I can see Aldon going ahead of Watt tonight.

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    both at 19.5 as of today. all even for next week :boxing:

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    Weather conditions made it hard last night for Aldon, but I can still see them both breaking the record.

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    I'll be rooting for JJ Swatt! I always root for former Badgers.

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    Watt has Ponder and Luck in the next two games. I think he'll break it first.

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    Maybe it's just where I live or I haven't been following the 49ers enough, but Aldon Smith has quietly been just doing his thing and I haven't heard anything about him until this week. I hear a ton about JJ. I live in Michigan so maybe it's just no love for the West coast here but man, they both are doing awesome. Hope they both get it.

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