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    $300 PP for Best Rookie Tonight

    I have $300 pp that I am looking to spend on 1-2 cards tonight, I am only looking for rookie auto cards
    Players of interest
    James Neal

    Please post scan with price

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    Check out my bucket. Got some nice stuff in there and could use some cash back ;)

    My bucket:

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    nugent hopkins rookie trasures /99 (3 clr)
    I collect JORDAN EBERLE & Sam Steel & Martin Brodeur & New Jersey Devils. Also Peyton Manning, Demaryius Thomas & Broncos Greats. Also looking for Star YGS & SPX AU RC JSY; Wantlist ---> Hidden Content
    Bucket: Hidden Content

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    check my bucket too, my high-end section is almost exclusively rookies!

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    PM Sent
    I am looking for Nick Foligno cards for my PC.

    I have 285 of his 480 cards Listed that's including his 1 of 1's as of 18 Mar 16
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    eberle and hall future watch autos /999 for $170 shipped.

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    Your inbox is full but PM me if you want a RNH SOTT
    Looking for Emerson Etem Dominion ARP #/299 and Collecting Social Signatures (w/ Twiiter Handles), Canucks and Datsyuk.

    Hit me up on Facebook & Twitter - @604breaks
    **Looking for 13/14 PRIME Colors Patch Pavel Bure #2/2 Canucks Place Patch**

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