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    All my cards FOR SALE/trade!!! **SCAN HEAVY**

    We have just went through and scanned every single card we have on us at the moment so there are a TON of pictures below lol. So basically, Everything is available for paypal of PC needs. With Xmas right around the corner and a bunch of Galiardi needs surfacing i'm not really looking for trade bait just PC needs.

    *Please inquire with cards you're interested in and i will be glad to send you a price, there are just too many to price each one at the moment. All prices will be equal with Ebay completed listings of either the same card or if SP'd other cards/players of same value and if you don't like the price shoot an offer!*

    Will trade for the following

    11-12 YG Needs and Master Galiardi NEED List and MARTIN ST.LOUIS! (Don't have any cards just starting out so need everything)

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    give me the price for the paajarvi The Cup jersey. Thx
    Collector of Habs stuff only

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    Quote Originally Posted by roy996633 View Post
    give me the price for the paajarvi The Cup jersey. Thx
    PM Sent,

    18 new cards added!

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    Any more interest? Great deals to be had!!

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    Couple sales done couple cards pending, lots more available

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