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    Looking to buy game used and refractors of STARS & RC's.. come inside, endless paypal

    I am looking to open up a stand at a local flea market and sell cards....... Here is what I want. I am looking for game used cards of star payers that I can sell for either 5, 8, or 10 bucks a pop. I also want refractors and colored refractors I can sell for 2, 3, or 5 each. Also numbered rookies and rookie refractors/game used/lowe end autos. Anything else that would be a good deal in the mid end range (10 to 30) is fine also, I will look at those too. A flea market is not ebay, so I dont need you guys to sell me things at 70% ebay to make a profit. I will pay based on how much I will have the card listed for. If I think I can sell something for double what it last went on ebay then I may even pay above ebay price on here, it just depends. For small sales I would like to pay gift in pwe. Show me some good stuff, willing to spend 1000 or more to fill the store with nice low to mid end items. Scans are best but will look at links

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    Quote Originally Posted by DwightWall122 View Post
    Check my bucket and let me know if there is anything you could use, Thanks!
    how much did you need dlvd on hines ward, stabler, romo, sapp game used lot of 4?

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    I have these refractors FS:
    2012 TC Refractors
    51 Ray Rice
    63 Tony Romo
    85 AJ Green
    121 Ray Lewis
    157 Greg Jennings

    2012 TC Xfractors
    25 Roddy White
    121 Ray Lewis
    126 Matt Stafford
    129 Wes Welker
    141 Larry Fitzgerald
    145 Josh Freeman
    190 Reggie Wayne

    2012 Orange TC Ref.
    92 DeSean Jackson
    165 Joe Flacco

    2012 Purple TC Ref
    64 Jermichael Finley
    117 Ryan Matthews

    Please PM me if interested. Thanks.

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    Give my bucket a whirl, and hopefully you find something.


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