In order to improve SCF experience and due the recent event and how crucial the trade manager is, I decided to move the application as a standalone application. Latly we wrote a script to close the custom application section when the server load go too high, to prevent the server to crash. Now this help the forum to stay live 24 hrs 7 days per week. When the script close the Inventory/storefront, since we had move the Trade manager on that application plateform it also removed the access to the trade manager and this was a huge issue. This is why I moved the Trade Manager into a new folder:

New link

Now tonight at 11PM, I will change the forum top link and the link in the Inventory/storefront so it point to the new folder where the trade manager will now be located. If I did everything right, no one will notice anything really as it will still be the same application and just the scf/trade will now be scftm/trade in the url. It will still look to be part of the Inventory/storefront application but will in fact be a standalone application. This will be the trade manager will not close any more if you see in the Inventory/storefront application "Server Busy message".

Now for the Inventory/storefront application, to solve the "Server Busy message" issue, we are planing on moving this application on a second server we are in the process of renting. Mike made a request to rent a new server and soon he will post on how and when this will happen. Mainly the forum will stay on the current server and we will move the Inventory/OPG/Storefront on a new server we are odering. So if one OPG server is too busy, it will never affect the forum and vice versa. This also mean we will have double the ressources we have today as we will now have two servers soon. This should insure the in the coming year, SCF will remain a fast site and will allow us to open the storefront for real sale in 2013. The code is almost ready but the ressources was what prevented us to open it this automn as we did not want to make a flop if to many person would have started to use it. Having the store on it's own server was a must to make this a success.

The current standalone application is now working, what I will change at 11 PM is only the link on top of the forum and the internal link in the OPG so it lead you to the new folder where the TM is now located

This way, until we switch the OPG on the new server, the trade manager will remain open under the new address. If you see any issue after tonight with the trade manager please let me know so I can attend it. It should look exactly the same and should work exaclty the same as before. if not then post here to let me know what the issue is.