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Thread: First Look At My PC

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    First Look At My PC

    So here is the first look at my PC.... They are PC for their own reason, my first jersey card, a gift from my bro, a pull from a blaster box my mom bought me for X-mas..... Those kind of things.... Yes my mom buys me boxes for X-mas, haha, I'm not 10 years old but I'm not 30 either..... I will put the reason why the cards our PC below and put in the little story with them. They are actually rather amusing stories and I spent a while writing them so if you could take a couple minutes to read them that would be great! If not just enjoy the show! So here they are, enjoy the variety and comments are always appreciated.......

    Kessel is my fav player and I pulled this on my B-day in a rack pack my mom bought me......

    This was my first jersey card... I got it at a hockey tournament and there was a guy at a booth doing this thing where you picked a bag and so on.... I forget. I know it was like a gamble, you didn't know what you would get. So I got the Nilsson and when I saw it was a jersey I thought it was just some material that you get to feel so you can experience what the players wear... haha!!!!

    Gigure lived behind my Grandma for a bit so she got his auto for me.... turned out he had his own hockey cards, kinda cool actually!

    When my bro pulled this card (not this exact card, but the same kind of card with Yzerman on it) I was pretty jealous, I really wanted one. Than I got one and I was so pumped! I can't remember how I got it.... It may have been from one of those little boxes that guarantee a memorabilia hit and it was just loose in the box so you could sneak a peek and see what you were getting since there were a couple holes in the box. Of course, this box was from Walmart......

    First of all on the back of this card is Jason Williams but that was not important to me.... It was Robert Lang on the front that mattered! I used to always play as him on NHL 2006 on the original X-Box before all this touch screen stuff came out..... I got the card at a hockey tournament.....

    So once again I dropped by the wondrous store of walmart and they had this blaster box of Artifacts so I thought I would split it with my bro and I pulled this dual jersey. Not a bad pull for a blaster. I was extremely happy and my bro was extremely jealous! I think it was also my first memorabilia card from a blaster that I pulled myself!

    You will find that the next chunk of cards are much better and will say that they are from my brother. This is true and it is the same case with this card. So my bro and I have an awesome tradition where we spend a crap load of money on each other and give each other hockey cards... Now we are not at the age where $100 is not that big of a deal.... and quite frankly I may never grow out of that, haha. So yes, by bro and I would go crazy when it came to getting each other hockey cards. We would get up at 5:00 am on Christmas morning and exchange our hockey cards! Now in days we can't stop fighting yet we still find ourselves going crazy for this tradition! It's like hockey cards holds us together.... haha. Naw we still love each other we just have a interesting way of expressing it! It is my fav tradition ever and it always seems to be a competition on who can give the best cards... This year I have done my best to ensure that I win... I will be sure to show you guys what I got my bro for X-mas this year! Now the reason why this is PC, I don`t quite know.... There is something about it that I love!

    I got this at the expo for the first time I had ever been there.... At a time where price did not matter, if I wanted the card, I got it!

    Another awesome gift from my bro for X-mas!

    Yet again another awesome card from my bro on X-mas with my favorite D-man on it!

    Another card from my bro on X-mas.... It is actually quite ridiculous how much we get each other and how much we spend..... This has my 2nd fav player on it.... My first fav player is on the card below........

    You guessed it..... PHIL KESSEL!!!! Yes it is Kessel that is my fav player.... I know for a fact that my bro spent a lot on it for me (yes, once again this was from my bro on X-mas) This card is extremely special to me and it kind of represents our awesome X-mas tradition!

    Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed the show!

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    Really enjoyed reading the stories!
    Can I uhhh maybe live with you? haha! Really fun tradition to have and I hope he treats you to even better cards this Christmas! ;)
    Merry Christmas Riley!

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    Good read! It's always interesting to hear stories concerning someones PC or why they collect a specific player/card/set etc. This tradition you and your brother do sounds pretty awesome, almost makes me wish I had a brother so we could do something similar.

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    That was a great read. Thank you very much for that. I wish I had stories even half as meaningful as those. Hopefully this christmas he's good to you again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by avalanchekenny47 View Post
    That was a great read. Thank you very much for that. I wish I had stories even half as meaningful as those. Hopefully this christmas he's good to you again.
    Thanks a lot.... I didn't know I would get this kind of reaction from people. It's great!

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    Makes me want to keep collecting.Great stories behind the cards
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    that is a nice cup kessel. I've been stocking up on a few of those as well.
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    Very nice assortment of cards and I like that you told us the story behind why they're special to you. Passion is what unites us all as true fans of the game!
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    love it, just sent my bro his xmas package of cards today c^:
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