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Thread: The End of the Rainbow for me.

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    The End of the Rainbow for me.

    It's not goodbye, but I am going to be taking a long hiatus from the hobby. I need to focus on other parts of my life at this point and the hobby will be taking a back seat. However, I am heading into this break with an awesome pickup.

    Perreault Auto Rainbow (Ruby #/50, Sapphire #/10 and Black #/1!)

    I have the Sapphire and Black non-Auto's already, need to find the Emerald and the regular silver card!

    I will be finishing and finalizing a few deals, but after this, I'll be away. I wish you all a merry Christmas (Happy Hanukkah, Festivius, Kwanzaa, whatever you celebrate) and a happy New Year for 2013.

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    Scott, best of luck on your new priorities - although this hobby is fun, there are clearly mre important things in life. Hopefully we will hear back from you soon, but take your time.


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    Great stuff Scott. Enjoy the break and see you when you get back

    Merry Christmas to you and the family as well
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    Sweet stuff. Those Dominion autos are one of my favorite auto sets of all time. Gorgeous cards. Best of luck on your new endeavors!

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