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    2012 Topps Chrome Rack Pack - Unbelievable Pulls!

    Was grabbing some late night dinner (read: soup and a Red Bull) at Walmart and saw they had some 2012 Topps Chrome rack packs! I'm really not a football guy, but I have heard such great things about the 2012 Topps Chrome Football that it was far more appealing than any of the baseball stuff they had. I looked at the odds and figured the best I could expect was a little color. Boy was I wrong! Here's the breakdown of the packs!

    Pack 1:

    Matt Forte
    Chad Jones
    LaRon Landry
    Glen Coffee


    Tell me if you see the problem with those cards. I'll give you a little time to think about it.

    Depending on how observant you are, the last three of those gentlemen are in no way shape or form included in the 2012 Topps Chrome Football checklist. "But swowannabe, how is this possible!?" you may ask. That's because the Matt Forte is a 2012 Topps Chrome card and the other 3 are 2010 Topps base cards. Uhhhh... it gets worse.

    Pack 2:

    Marshawn Lynch
    Reggie Bush Complete Players insert
    Dallas Clark Complete Players insert
    Rob Bironas

    ... Marshawn Lynch is a 2012 Topps Chrome card, but we've gone backwards for the other 3 cards. We're now at 2011 Score.

    Pack 3:

    Doug Baldwin
    David Gettis
    Donnie Avery
    Osi Umenyiora

    ... Doug Baldwin is Chrome, the other 3 are also 2011 Score.

    It gets better still.

    My magical pack of 3 Orange Parallels? I didn't bother opening. The one card that's showing? Sammie Stroughter Score 2010 base card.

    Oh yeah. Somehow I bought Topps and got more than half Score.

    How does this even happen?

    You're also probably wondering if these were sealed. I can assure you they were. After I noticed the orange parallels weren't orange or parallels, I carefully scrutinized each pack. They opened like I would expect a factory sealed pack to open. And if they had been tampered with, why leave just 1 Chrome Base Card? The outer package didn't appear to be tampered with, either.

    I'll be calling Topps Support in the morning so they can probably do nothing.

    So there you have it. What an awesome night of ripping some wax.

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    I've heard stories of unsavory people buying blasters, searching them, repackaging them and returning them, but never rackpacks.

    Well, now we can add rackpacks to that list of ridiculous lows that scumbags slowly ruining our hobby have corrupted. I inspected the packaging of my still "sealed" orange parallels and the serration of the plastic where the machine would have cut the packs apart has been removed and the pack is clearly re-sealed. I re-inspected the outer packing and the serrations are also absent from the top and bottom and have been glued/melted shut as well. The individual packs themselves are a different story, and I couldn't tell you first off why they bothered to reseal them at all or how they did it so convincingly.
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    Agreed. This is just weird and a horror story! I would just send all the contents and receipt with a note to Topps and hope for the best.

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    I took it back to Walmart and was surprised they had someone able to do returns at 3 in the morning. I told them what happened and they just refunded my monies. I offered to pull out all of the ones I could identify as being tampered with, but Otis (the Wallyworld Employee) told me they'd probably just deal with them as they came up. >.> ... <.< ... >.> (those are shifty eyes)

    I grabbed the rack pack like 9 from the front and there were plenty more behind it. If someone is willing to do stupid stuff like this for little to no monetary gain and a huge time investment, I wouldn't be surprised if they were all tampered with. Which is a dang shame. If I work tomorrow I'll go back and see what I can identify then wrap a rubber band around whatever I find with a note for the Excel people (or whoever it is that restocks them) saying the merchandise needs to be taken off the shelf.

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    man that stinks,if stuff like this keeps happening it won't be long before retail stops selling cards altogether,sorry it happened to you.
    Do something nice for someone everyday, it will pay off in the long run.

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    Like the post above stated. If it keeps happening Walmart will pull the product all together. I know this because the Walmart thats about a 1/4 mile away from my house pulled all their cards because of tampering and theft.
    I collect Steelers, Any HOF Autos.

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    I was looking to replicate steve's retail mojo! As someone else put it, I really "Scored" with that rack pack!

    I'm still REALLY confused why they would bother to keept 1 of the 4 Chrome Cards in the packs... Marshawn Lynch and Matt Forte, to boot. They aren't exactly the worst players you could possibly have!

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