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Thread: How do you send your cards?

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    How do you send your cards?

    I've been sending through baseball players TTM for a few months now and have yet to find a good way to keep the cards from getting bent. I always slip a piece of cardboard in my SASE with my cards and it's still about a 50/50 chance it will has bends around the edges. Which ways have you tried and was has and hasn't worked?

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    I don't get why/how this happens to people. I have never had this problem and I hardly even protect the card...I really don't, actually. I fold my LOR into 3 and slip the card in the middle of it. Maybe it's cause I only send 1 at a time usually and my SASE is big enough to just fit a card and maybe a post it note. Smaller envelopes both ways may make the mailman less tmepted to bend and beat on them? Idk what to tell ya....

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    I use a thin top loader when i mail them to older players-vintage cards. For Spring training I send 1 Card like the poster above. I was playing around with the thinner plastic card holders but i get more smudged with them than the top loader. I also write do not bend on my return envelopes. However if your sending internationally then i bet your odds probably increase for damaged cards.

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    I send mine loose-- no top-loader, no sleeves, nothing-- and have only had my stuff come back bent once, and it looked like it wasn't done by the post office either.

    Maybe your postal system in Angola just sucks? ;)

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    Yeah I don't send any protection. SASE comes back with the card/cards and anything else the player sends back. With close to 500 successes, I think I can count the ones that came back bent on one hand.

    I'd also say its probably because you are sending internationally.

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    I've sent 99% of mine with a penny sleeve and top loader and have rarely had a problem. A couple of guys have sent back just the cards, but mostly they come back as sent in the sleeve and toploader. I get up to 4 cards shipped this way and figure since I'm paying for an ounce, I might as well use it all!
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