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    WTTF Dolphins Tannehill Pouncey Wake Bush Long Dansby R Jones Starks Smith Hartline

    Updating my tradelist.... Looking to make a couple deals!!

    Want anything not already on my Dolphins havelist.

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    Have a couple in the bucket lmk looking for falcons!
    Always looking for Falcons I don't have. Auto's, GU'd, Patches, #rd.......
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    i have these 2 not on ur list lmk if i could use them
    upper deck sweet swatch 2008 john beck
    playoff prestige 2009 jake long

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    Might want to take a look at my post below, quite a few dolphins in there that you may want. lmk.

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    Got a bunch in my bucket let me know about a trade. Looking for current lions in return.
    looking for RC GAME USED PATCH AND AUTO'S OF MICHAEL FLOYD, DENARD ROBINSON, GIOVANNI BERNARD, KADEEM CAREY, CHARLES SIMS, MARCUS MARIOTA, JAMIES WINSTON, Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott. Barry Sanders inserts I don't have. Trading with honesty, respect and fairness. BV,TV and SV are not always what a card is worth. bucket: Hidden Content

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    We need to talk. I have a bunch of AU/GU doubles I would love to send your way. Like 40-50. Leyt me get them scanned in and send me a PM.
    Dolphins Collection: 8760+ Total Cards (1200+ AU & GU)
    Derek Hagan Collection: 385 Cards
    <------Click on View My Inventory to take a look.

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