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    Need money badly! Selling Everything!

    I am selling game used, autos, rookies, inserts, and numbered cards from every team in the MLB! Just name what team you would like and what types of cards you would like, and I'll have a list made for you within a few minutes. I might reply here, but I will most likely send the lists through private messages. Thanx for looking!

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    Seattle Mariners. Looking for mainly players in my sig, also Ichiro.


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    everyone, I will get back to you for your team demands.

    I would want like 7 on the wagner, but I am having a little trouble finding my reds cards right now.

    Since the winfield books for $100, and they have been going for about $50 + shipping on ebay, I could do $53 dlvd. lmk

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    wow didnt relized it booked that much...good price but i dont have the money right now sorry

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