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    1 Tin of 11/12 The Cup - A Piece Of Greatness!

    Just thought I'd post this bad boy up for all to see! I do a lot of breaks, but had a case hit out of a tin of The Cup today:


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    Sweet Gretzky!!

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    Mods please delete this thread. Didn't know I wasn't allowed to post up some of the nicer hits.

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    I will archive this thread as per your request.

    For the record, it isn't that you are sharing the hits, or even posting videos showing these hits, it's that the background for these vids are clearly an attempt to promote your own website/business and to try and redirect SCF traffic over there. If you would like to do this officially, please speak with a more senior SCF staffer about the possibility of becoming an SCF Affiliate or Sponsor.
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