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    Talking Desperate for a trade or deal tonight!!!! Added 50 more gu/autos to my list tonight!!

    Here is my list:

    Sorry for the linking inconvience dont let that scare you away but the list would be soooo long that It would take like 1 page just to fit it . I want to make some sort of deal tonight please. Also on my eay auctions giving minor price cuts to bench members:

    PM me if you like one of my auctions and we can work it out or if you want any of my cards or respond here. Thanks a lot,

  2. Kronozio
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    what would you want for your topps clubhouse billy wagner jersey

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    dmxkorn: would you be trading or buying?? If buying does 4.00 dlvd sound good?

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    thekingpin: the Carter bat is on ebay since I want to sell it or trade for 2 LCM's I dont have or a nice cubs auto or gu. The clemens is nft I only have 1 clemens gu.

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