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    Grand Finale! Needed it's own Number ONE Thread!

    Well I have another thread up for some boxes I was breaking. Just planned on doing everything in 1 thread but after the last 3 boxes tonight I had to make a new one!LOL This is the final 3 boxes of a 5 box break and I snagged a S1 Blaster to start the show! Here are the results with a top 3! Enjoy and comments are always welcome! Thanks, Brad.



    Young Guns

    Silver Skates

    Canvas and overall what I think was the top hit?(Skate card could be considered better I guess?)
    Carey Price

    10/11 Zenith Box

    Gifted Grinders

    Mozaics Non Jersey
    CLS- Vermette/Mason/Voracek

    From the Lemieux Dare to Tear(Should have never opened it!LOL)
    EPIX- Blake Comeau

    Red Hot Insert
    Dale Hawerchuk

    You again? Crease is the Word
    Carey Price!LOL

    Winter Warriors Jersey
    Gregory Campbell

    Best hits!!!!

    Rookie Roll Call Insert
    Tyler Seguin

    Gifted Grinders PRIME!
    Ryan Callahan /50 2clr RED/WHITE With stitching!

    TOP HIT!
    That's in the top 3!

    11/12 Contenders Box

    Cup Contenders /999

    Calder Contenders
    Marc-Andre Bourdon

    Saved this pack for last thinking it was a patch!LOL
    Calder Contenders /100
    Colten Teubert


    Calder Contenders RC Auto /800
    Ryan Ellis


    TOP HIT!
    Lets just save this for the top 3 shall we?

    10/11 Luxury Suite Box
    Now I need to explain that when I bought this product when it first came out I paid $170 for a box. I got about $40 TV out of the whole dang thing! So I felt this garbage stuff owed me!LOL Well it might not have paid off in Value of any kind but the best hit was a player I used to collect and I still have my PC of him! So it was alright!LOL

    Rookies /899
    Justin Braun
    Andreas Engqvist
    Jonas Holos
    Jim O'Brien
    Jamie McBain

    Base Jersey /599

    Dual Jersey /599

    The Better Hits???

    Rookie auto /499

    Base Auto /199
    Simon Nolet

    Lets just say check below in the top 3!

    Now for the top 3!!!!!!

    #3 This was a guy I used to PC! I'll take it!LOL

    Luxury Suite Stick Jersey GOLD /10(Nice 3clr Stick Piece!)
    MARIAN HOSSA!!!!!!

    These last 2 cards will explain the silly title of this thread! Without further delay!

    #2 Why not put some Zenith RC auto #1 overall Draft pick love in this thread?

    Luxury Suite RC Auto /199 HARD SIGNED!
    TAYLOR HALL!!!!!!!

    Now you may ask. What could be better than a #1 overall draft pick from one heck of a year of great rookies? Well I will tell you what beats that.
    #1 And once again a #1 Draft pick! Not to mention from the same team of the above mentioned player!

    Contenders Rookie auto /800 HARD SIGNED!
    Ryan Nugent Hopkins!!!!!!!!

    Here are links to the better hits. I'll post scans tomorrow when I get up in the afternoon! All comments are welcome and I am only trading the top 3 for Jeff Skinner cards off my want list. I will not trade them for anything else. The other stuff is FT for Skinner but I may consider trades for E. Staal, Duchene, Paul Stastny or some trade bait of some kind! Thanks for the look, Brad.

    Nolet Auto

    Callahan Prime

    Hossa Stick Jersey

    Taylor Hall Zenith RC

    RNH Contenders RC Auto

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    Wow incredible hits with the Hall and RNH

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