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    Looking to do some trading. Football, Basketball and Baseball all await you inside!!

    Looking for people in my sig. Pretty sure list is updated. Lemme know what ya need, and what ya got. Will also sell.

    2001 Private Stock Todd Helton Jersey Card (White)
    2001 Private Stock Edgar Martinez Bat Card
    2004 Ud Sweet Spot Torii Hunter Auto on ball
    2001 Ud Prospect Premiers Triple Jersey (redemption redeemed) Gabe Gross, Casey Kotchman, Kenny Baugh
    2002 UD Jason Kendall Bat Card
    2002 Topps 10 Bret Boone Bat Card
    2005 Donruss Classics Rafael Palmeiro Jersey Bat Card 41/47
    2003 Playoff Absolute Rickey Henderson Jersey Card (grey) 19/40 (May keep for pc unless really good offer)
    2001 Fleer Futures Ivan Rodriguez Bat Card
    2002 Leaf Brian Giles Bat Card
    2000 Fleer Mike Lieberthal Auto (Small white spot on back)
    1996 Gary Sheffield Bowmans Best Card Graded 8.5 with Jersey Swatch
    2000 Gold Collectibles Feel the Game Cal Ripken 23kt Gold Card with Facsmile and Game Used bat. Graded Gem Mint 10 by WCG.
    2005 Ud Sweet Spot Dave Winfield Jersey (white with sweat or dirt stain)
    2002 Leaf Rafael Palmeiro Game Use Bat
    1999 Fleer Skybox Rick Ankiel Auto (Kinda Dinged)
    Jay Bell TTM auto
    1999 Team Best Jamie Brown auto
    2002 Leaf Rookies and Stars Adam Dunn Slide Show (Pull Out Jersey (White with red stripe) 12/25
    2004 Bowman Tyler Pelland Auto
    2004 Bowmans Best Wardell Starling Auto
    2004 Topps Take me out To the Ballgame Rafael Furcal Jersey (Gray)
    2005 Diamond Kings Rafael Palmeiro Blue Border Jsy / Bat (White jersey) 39/50
    2004 Leaf Certified Ryan Klesko Dual Jersey (grey) / bat 34/250
    2005 Topps All Star Stitches Jason Isringhausen Red Jersey
    2001 SP Game Used Tony Gwynn Jersey w/ stitching (grey)
    2004 Upper Deck Origins Greg Maddux Jersey (white)
    And some assorted Royal Rookies (not the baseball team)autos, infer if interested.

    2004 Gold Leaf Rookies Greg Dobbs
    2005 Team Topps Ben Hendrickson

    Game Used:
    2005 Bowman Frusto Carmona (white)
    2005 Bowman First Year Edison Volquez (white)
    2005 Bowman Zack Jackson (orange) x2
    2005 Topps Pack Wars Frank Thomas Bat (light brown) (has tiny scratch)
    2005 Donruss Diamond Kings Dual Bat (brown / brown) 25/100
    2002 Playoff Piece of Game JD Drew Bat
    2004 Ud Origins Greg Maddux (white)

    Basketball List
    2001 Topps Chrome Amare Stoudamire RC
    2002 SPX Ronald Murry RC
    2004 Ud Glass Tracy McGrady Jersey card (Blue with many black pin stripes)
    2003 Fleer Authentic Jermaine O Neal Jersey card (white with blue stripe)
    2004 Topps Finest Yao Ming Jersey card 190/250 (Red)
    2003 Fleer Authentic Jason Kidd jersey card (blue)
    2003 Ud Honor Roll Dahntay Jones jersey card (white)
    2001 Sp Game Floor Baron Davis Floor Card
    2003 UD Sweet Spot Chris Webber Jersey Card (black)
    2003 Topps Pristine Steve Francis jersey card (blue)
    2002 Fleer Showcase Kevin Garnett Jersey card (black)
    2003 Fleer Showcase Stephon Marbury Jersey card (white)
    2003 Ud Glass Michael Pietrus AutoFocus
    2003 Hoops Hot Prospects Keith Bogans Patch (blue with white swatch)
    2002 TCC Baron Davis Game Used Shoe (Black)
    2001 Fleer Greats of the Game Ralph Sampson auto
    2004 Fleer Genuine Kevin Garnett Jersey (white)
    2004 Skybox Autographics Nick Collison auto patch (green with big thick white stripe) 1/75
    2003 Ud Top Prospects Nick Collison Auto
    2003 Upper Deck Jason Richardson / Desmond Mason Dual Jersey
    2005 Luxury Box Triple Jersey Randolph Rahim Telfair (Red Black and White) 73/200
    2003 Ud Hardcourt Grant Hill Floor Card
    2004 Fleer Mystique Jalen Rose / Eddy Curry Dual Jersey (Black and Red) 222/250
    2004 Sp Game Used Jalen Rose Jersey (White)
    2003 SPX Terry / Rahim Dual Jersey (Black)
    2004 Upper Deck Manu Ginobili Jersey (Black)
    2005 Rookie Clas Kevin Garnett Jersey Card (White)
    2005 Topps Finest Luke Jackson Green Refractor 14/19
    2001 Ud Evolve Kevin Garnett Jersey (Blue) 73/300
    2004 UD Sweet Spot Jason Kidd Jersey (Blue)
    2003 Spx Winning Materials Dual Shooting Shirt (Red) and Warm Up (White) Andre Miller
    2005 Hit Will Bynum RC Auto Gold Hand #ed 83/250
    2005 Hardcourt Ben Wallace Wood / Jersey (White) AWESOME
    2004 Upper Deck Rookie Class R Tifacts Dual Jersey Marion and Q Richardson (Both black swatches)
    2005 Sage Hit Sean May Auto
    2004 Topps Rookie Matrix Tracy Mcgrady Jersey (blue)
    2001 Topps Pristine Portions Gary Payton Jersey (green)
    2003 Fleer Authentix Stephn Marbury (purple) / Johnson Stockton (black with holes) Dual Jersey
    2004 SP Signature Edition Troy Bell Auto w/ #3
    2005 UD Rookie Debut HOTagraphs Antoine Wright Auto
    2005 Reflections Amare Stoudamire Jersey / Patch (blue)

    More Stuff:

    2002 SPX Rookie Fred Jones Auto 2 Color Jersey /1999
    1997 Skybox Autographics Chris Gatling
    2004 Press Pass Anderson Varejao /250 (with #17 inscription)
    1999 Sp Authentic Sign of Times Maurice Taylor
    2002 Topps Finest Kareem Rush /999
    2002 Topps Finest Kareem Rush /250
    2002 Topps Finest Chris Jeffries /999
    1998 Skybox Autographics Theo Ratliff
    1997 Skybox Autographics Brian Grant
    1998 Skybox Autographics Clarence Witherspoon
    2004 Sp Game Used Shane Battier /100
    2004 Sp Signatures Keith Bogans
    2005 Fleer Showcase Signature Showcase Carlos Boozer Auto /150
    2005 Sp Authentic Signatures Donta Smith
    2000 Fleer Autographics George Lynch
    2000 Sp Authentic Rookie FX Fred Jones /1500
    2004 Sp Signature Troy Bell w #3 inscription
    2003 Upper Deck Inspirations Tayshaun Prince 1128/1600
    1994 Four Sport Glenn Robinson
    2005 UD Trilogy Josh Smith (tiny indent, and semi-bent corner, came that way)
    2003 UD Pros Prospects Ruben Douglas
    2005 Upper Deck Hardcourt Quentin Richardson
    2005 Upper Deck Hardcourt Kyle Korver x2
    2005 Upper Deck Hardcourt Udonis Haslem
    2005 Upper Deck Hardcourt Keyon Dooling
    2005 Upper Deck Hardcourt Jalen Rose
    2005 Upper Deck Hardcourt Luis Flores
    2005 Upper Deck Hardcourt Stacey Augmon
    2005 Upper Deck Hardcourt Robert Traylor
    2005 Ud Sweet Spot Devin Harris
    1999 Skybox Autographics Jalen Rose with #5 inscription
    2005 Topps big Game Antoine Wright 65/199
    2005 Ud Hardcourt Jamal Crawford Auto / Jersey / On wood Card 23/50

    Game Used:
    2003 Fleer Flair Dirk Nowitski (blue)
    2001 Fleer Rookie Reflections Andre Miller (black)
    2003 Spx Winning Combos Brad Miller / Reggie Miller (Blue / White)
    2001 Topps Stadium Club Daryl Armstrong (white / dark white stripes)
    2003 Sp Game Used all star apparel Gordan Giricez /100 (black)
    2005 Hardcourt Materials Derek Fisher (purple)
    2004 Fleer Ultra Leaps & Bounds Richard Jefferson (blue)
    2003 Fleer Showcase Hot Hands Stephon Marbury /375 (white)
    2005 Sp Authentic Josh Childress (blue)
    2000 Upper Deck Hardcourt Game Floor Grant Hill (purplelish)
    2000 Upper Deck Hardcourt Game Floor Shareef Abdur Rahim (standard brown)
    2005 Upper Deck Rookie Review Lionel Chalmers (blue)
    2002 Fleer Hot Prospects Kareem Rush (purple)
    2002 Fleer Hot Prospects Drew Gooden (black)
    2002 Fleer Hot Prospects Caron Butler / Fred Jones Dual /100 (black / blue & yellow)
    2003 Upper Deck rookie review Kareem Rush (purple)
    2003 Topps Finest Paul Pierce /999 (green)
    2005 Bowman Gilbert Arenas (silver)
    2003 UD Top Prospects Jason Garder (red and VERY big swatch)
    2002 Fleer Showcase Jermaine O' Neal (yellow w/ blue stripe)
    2003 Black Diamond Eddie Jones (white)
    2004 UD Rookie Class Shawn Marion / Quentin Richardson Dual (Black / Black)
    2005 Upper Deck All Star Weekend Kyle Korver (black)
    2003 Flair Ray Allen (white)
    2002 UD Shawn Marion Jersey (white)
    2005 SPX Marvin Williams Dual Jersey (Green / White) RC

    1998 - 99 Flair Showcase Row 3 #55 Jason Williams Believe rc BGS 8
    2000-01 Fleer Authority #111 Demarr Johnson BGS 9 #ed 1/1250!!!

    Football List
    2001 Impressions Triple Jersey (all blue) Shockmain Davis, Kevin Faulk, Terry Glenn
    2004 Fleer Genuine Joe Jurevecious Auto 68/150
    2003 Ud Sweet Spot Byron Leftwhich RC Patch Logo of Jaguar
    2004 Bowman Eli Manning RC
    2005 Playoff Prestige Ronnie Brown RC
    2003 Flair Deuce McCallister Patch (Gold) 14/100
    2003 Sp Signature Kliff Kingsbury Auto
    2000 Press Pass Travis Claridge Auto
    2004 Ud Legends Mercury Morris auto (with number 22)
    2005 NFL Kickoff Derrick Mason Jersey Card
    2003 UD Patch Collection Aaron Brooks Gold Auto Patch 12/25
    2005 NFL Kickoff Complete Base Set 1-90 (N0 Rcs)
    2004 UD Sweet Spot Derrick Hamilton RC Jersey Card (White)
    2003 Fleer Flair Ricky Williams Jersey (aqua)
    2004 Leaf Rookies and Stars William Green Jersey (Brown) 82/125
    2005 UD Rookie Debut Bobby Purify Saturday Swatch (Limited) Jersey Card (Blue)
    2005 Espn Larry Fitgerald Jersey (White)
    2005 Upper Deck Rookie Futures Jersey Antrel Rolle and Roscoe Parrish
    2005 Spx Swatch Supremacy Carson Palmer (Black)
    UD Honor Roll Kyle Boller 2 Color (Black, Purple) RC Jersey
    2003 UD Olandis Gary Jersey (Blue)
    2002 Playoff Contenders ROY Contender Quentin Jammer Auto 18/25
    2005 SPX Tiki Barber Jersey (Blue)
    2003 Fleer Snapshot Andre Johnson Seal Of Approval Jersey (Blue, Rc?)
    2003 Fleer Genuine Insider Terrell Owens Jersey Card (Red)
    2003 Upper Deck Rookie Futures Jersey Kyle Boller (Purple)
    2003 Diamond Kings Gridiron Cut Peyton Manning Jersey (blue) 52/375
    2005 Topps Finest Charles Frederick Auto 11/150
    2003 Sweet Spot Classic Numbers Drew Brees (number patch) 21/100
    2003 Sage Hit Dave Ragone Auto Hand numbered 105/250
    2003 Upper Deck Rookie Futures Kyle Boller Jersey (purple)
    2005 Donruss Zenith Rookie Roll Call Roddy White Jersey (Black)
    2005 Bowman Fabric of Future JJ Arrington
    1999 Contenders Cecil Collins auto
    2005 Score Inscriptions Doug Jolley auto
    2000 SPX Trung Canidate Auto / Jersey /2000
    2005 Contenders Chad Owens Rookie Ticket auto
    2005 SPX Vernand Morency Auto / Jersey 1261/1275
    2002 Upper Deck Graded Josh Reed 251/550 auto
    2003 Sage Hit Dave Ragone Hand Numbered 105/250 auto
    2005 Sp Authentic Airese Curry (top right corner dinged) auto
    2004 Topps Signature Edition Keary Colbert 1488/1499 auto
    2004 Sp Game Used Edition Archie Manning (corners kinda dinged, nothing serious) auto
    2005 Topps Finest Charles Frederick Blue X Fractor 11/150 auto

    Game Used:
    2002 SPX Winning Materials Ricky Williams Super Large Jersey w/ kleet thing has 2 stitching lines (all white)
    2005 Upper Deck Rookie Debut Sunday Swatches Carson Palmer (black)
    2005 Leaf Certified Larry Fitzgerald /50 (white)
    2003 Donruss Elite Face Mask Quincy Carter (silver) #ED 1/400!!!
    2001 Fleer EX Fred Taylor /772
    2005 Bowman Throwback Threads Vernand Morency Jersey (Blue in a star)
    2002 Fleer Hot Prospects Isaac Bruce Jersey (white) 19/50
    2002 Upper Deck Rookie Futures Joey Harrington Jersey RC (blue)
    2002 Topps Debut Anthony Weaver Jersey (white) Hand #ed 5/25
    2003 Upper Deck Honor Roll Kyle Boller RC Jersey 2 Color (purple with black stripe)
    2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Drew Brees Classic Numbers (number patch) 26/100
    2004 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Derrick Hamilton (white)
    2003 Upper Deck Game Jersey Olandis Gary (blue)
    2005 Upper Deck Kickoff Derrick Mason (white)
    2005 SPX Swatch Supremacy Byron Leftwhich (greenish)
    2005 Throwbacks Alge Crumpler Ball 88/275
    2005 Sweet Spot Frank Gore Jersey (red)
    2001 Pacific Crown Royale Ball Card Brett Favre

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    I could use any or all of these...

    2003 Flair Deuce McCallister Patch (Gold) 14/100
    2003 Diamond Kings Gridiron Cut Peyton Manning Jersey (blue) 52/375
    2004 Sp Game Used Edition Archie Manning (corners kinda dinged, nothing serious) auto
    2005 Leaf Certified Larry Fitzgerald /50 (white)
    2002 Fleer Hot Prospects Isaac Bruce Jersey (white) 19/50
    2003 Upper Deck Honor Roll Kyle Boller RC Jersey 2 Color (purple with black stripe)

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    I will give you a 1 UD Rewards Codes and the Triple GU Alomar Thome Gonzo Jersey you were interested in for the 2004 Ud Sweet Spot Torii Hunter Auto on ball?

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    Althought I like the offer, I try to stick to auto for auto. Unless its something Im dying for. Thanks.

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    Hey Vikingsfan101 - I really do like the Larry Fitygerald /50 LCM still, I dont wanna do this but I will if u r intere4sted, I have a Cris Carter 00 Vanguard Game Jersey (purple swatch) available, its from my "PC" but im willing to let it go, lmk if u want it cause yoru a Vikings fan


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    Hey dude. Can you get me a picture of that Carter? I think I may have that one, but Im not positive.

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