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    Wow its really almost officially been a year since I started collecting the Panini Black Friday set from last year and now iam working on this years already. I thought that it was time you guys got a look at not just the Black Friday set I have built up, but the Fathers Day, Nationals and this years Black Friday. I hope all of you as collectors thoroughly enjoy the amount of time and effort I have put into this and two highlights coming to me that arent in yet, ANOTHER coinciding piece to the Aaron Rodgers Pylon NFL Shield, ON THE WAY! and a Andrew Luck Breast Cancer Awareness Auto From this years Black Friday!! The shield will be more full when that other piece comes in and, I dont know iam going to need ot take pictures. Thanks Guys and Gals and enjoy.

    Happy Holidays!

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    Any feedback

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    That is a CRAZY collection! If I had your money I'd burn my own! Serious respect.

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    Hurry up with the scans already. LOL...

    -Robert Lewis

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    Scans are in man, have been, in my photobucket

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    That's an insane set!! I think you might be missing one... ;)

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    All are being updated....

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    Yah I havent gotten that card yet but I will, honestly its one of the easier cards to find in the set, I have seen it a few times and havent grabbed it due to grabbing a few cards that were more rare. I need to grab it soon though. I have A LOT of filling in to do TRUST ME but I can only go so fast, like anyone else. Thats a nice dual you have there though

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    I wish all /10 cards were that easy to find! lol It would be on the lower end of your set if it were in there...

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    It is actually easy for me to find a lot of the pieces I have, are 1/1's, 1/3's etc. I like that card though you ever want to move it tell me it will get a good home here.

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