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    Please Post All Your eBay Issues Here (Please Read)

    In order to free up the Hockey Card Talk forum from the increasing clutter of eBay related topics, SCF asks that members post all eBay problems/issues/questions/etc. in this thread.

    The Hockey Card Talk forum is meant to be a discussion section for new products, questions about certain cards, and related topics. In recent weeks and months there has become a growing preponderance of eBay problem threads (many of which are personal/private issues that have no bearing on others) and it has made it increasingly difficult to locate threads which are solely about hockey cards.

    The types of threads that we will want to see lumped into this section include, but are not limited to:
    • [eBay Member] is a deadbeat - report here to notify people to block as needed
    • [eBay Member] didn't send my card, what should I do?
    • Problems with shipping/PayPal
    • Prices people charge for shipping
    • Cards that arrive damaged via eBay
    • Is [eBay Member] shilling his auctions?

    A couple quick rule reminders:

    Section 5.08 Please do not post any trader information such as addresses, feedback or email addresses directly on the forums. This is private information.

    Section 8.04 Direct or indirect personal attacks are strictly not permitted. Insults and negative attitudes are not allowed. It is better to walk away from a possible confrontation and come back with constructive arguments after you have cooled off.

    With regards to Rule 8.04, please keep your posts restricted to being informative to the general membership. Stick to the facts. Leave the name-calling, etc. out of it. You never know which eBay members are also SCF members who may read your posts. We don't want to have people's eBay problems carrying over to SCF.

    All new threads that are created in the forum will be folded into this discussion topic without notice.

    There will be exceptions to this on a case-by-case basis should the issue be deemed by SCF staff to be left as a standalone topic - this will be rare and limited to those topics which have a massive impact on many members of the hobby, not just an individual issue.

    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact a staff member.
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    where is he from?
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    Please, no more offers for tradebait. I have enough of it as it is.

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    good thing I laughed at him when he offered me $90 for a Patrick Roy Dominion Patch/AU
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    I've had an interesting issue pop up over the last couple days and am looking for some thoughts.

    There was a BGS graded Colin Wilson Victory Black on eBay about a week ago for $20 + free shipping. I meant to do a last second bid, but forgot. The seller re-listed the item at $25 BIN/BO, so I figured I'd throw in an $18 offer since it received no bids at $20. The seller responded with a $23 counter, but I told him I knew it passed thorugh the week before at $20, so I countered with $20 and it was accepted. An hour or so after the offer was ACCEPTED, I received a request to cancel the transaction with the seller saying something about how I acted in bad faith because I'd made another counter offer, yada-yada. I quickly refused the request to cancel the transaction, thinking I'd made a bid, it was accepted, I should now get the item.

    The seller then contacts me and tells me under no circumstances will he now send me the item and refunds my money through paypal, but I responded that it was a fair transaction, I made a bid and it was accepted and if the item isn't sent I would leave a negative feedback (he's currently at 100% positive).

    A couple days later, I have a bunch of low-end items listed for sale that I've had posted for a couple months and I'm surprised to see several sell at once. But who's the buyer? That's right, the seller of the above card, who's obviously bid on the items with the intention of leaving me negative feedback on 4 items versus the one of his I picked up. He's fast-tracked the payment of the items although I obviously refused to send him an invoice

    So I'm curious what my options are now? Obviously he won't agree to cancel those transactions until his one is cancelled but that would leave me vulnerable to 4 negative feedbacks if he chooses to be a dick about it and cancel the item I bid on his of but not the 4 items he bought from me. And everything to this point leads me to believe that he isn't exactly an upstanding citizen.

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    Fleury14- ebay usually will remove retailiatory negative feedback. Just make sure you follow all of the proper shipping protocols to CYA (trackable etc). Anyone that would dick you over $3 on a COlin Wilson card isn't someone I'd want to deal with, so please post their user name so we can all add them to our block list.

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    lol...delicious story...please give us the username of this upstanding citizen

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    Quote Originally Posted by theboxbreaker96 View Post
    I sold a Card on ebay for $55 and the buyer paid 3 days later (Yesterday). He then opens a case against me that same day He lives in the US! I have till the 8th to respond. My question is would I be able to ship it tomorrow with Delivery Confirmation and wait till around the 7th and respond on paypal to the option of: I can provide proof that the item was shipped through an approved shipper to the address on the Transaction Details page. Just plugging in the tracking number and winning the case.

    This buyer did not contact me either so Id like to stick it to him! If you guys think it wont work then I wont do it but what do you think?

    His ID is fcthetruth

    UPDATE: recieved this from paypal

    This payment has been selected for review and we have opened an investigation.
    We have determined that this payment was not authorized by the PayPal account holder.
    We have placed a temporary hold on the funds until the investigation is complete.
    Please provide some additional information about this transaction.
    Response deadline: Jan 8, 2013
    I had this happen to me right before Christmas i responded to pay pal and also contacted the buyer. It was because pay-pal sometimes limits the customers ability to buy with a certain time frame and that was according to the buyer. I got positive feedback from it and I also ship every package I sell with in the United States with delivery confirmation. So, in your case I hope its pay-pals screw up again.

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