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    eBay protecting for international sales

    As a seller on eBay, I want to make sure I am protected on high-end deals to Canada. I know register mail will not help me at all in a case. I forgot which way works where I am protected as a seller from a potential issue. If someone could let me know what that is, I'd appreciate it.

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    I think this website applies

    You'll have to read for more details, but when I'm shipping, USA or Canada, here are my guidelines:

    - Payment from a confirmed Paypal account protects me.
    - Online Proof of delivery for anything below 325 CAN (250 USD is for US sellers I believe) otherwise I loose any claim automatically.
    - Proof of delivery AND sgnature on receipt for anything above 325 CAN (250 USD for US again), otherwise I lose any claim automatically.

    You should read the PAypal website for more accurate info.


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    Bid retractions

    Some advice on how to avoid these guys. Becoming too common on ebay, once in awhile I can live with it but noticing alot lately.

    If I stick to bidding at the very last second do I avoid bid retractors but not completely shill bidders ?
    When someone overbids and then retracts are we notified of this action and given then the chance to cancel our bid or do we just become the next highest bidder by default ?

    Sad part of all this, the biggest abusers of the system seem to be the "green star" established sellers, who are having buddies do them a favor and bid up their auctions.
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    You become the next highest bidder by default, but the last price you bid, is the only price the seller can sell to you at. He cannot sell to you any higher than your last bid.

    It's called 2nd chance. You as a buyer can still decline. The power as a buyer when you are sniped and offered a 2nd chance is all yours.

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    Just use a snipe, and you'll never worry about it again.

    If you bid $30 (max)..... and are winning it for $2..... and then someone else bids $50, is winning it for $31, and then retracts.... you go back to winning it for $2.


    If they then go back in and bid $29.99, you're the max bidder at $30.

    If someone does retract a bid, you'll get an email telling you that..... and it will also tell you that you are now the highest bidder (if that's the case). You can retract your bid, sure, if there's still enough time left (I forget when the cut off time is).

    If you're worried about shill bidders, just use a snipe instead. I've been using for a couple of years, and have no problems. If you can get by with max 5 snipes per week, the service is free (for $5 per minth, you get unlimited).
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    Ebay group breaks

    Hey guys, Anyone ever try the Ebay box group breaks? I tried 5 this week and must say I was suprised with how well I did.

    #1 2011-12 Titanium $3 Vancouver Canucks - Hit Quick Jersey

    #2 2011-12 Contenders $2.75 Vancouver Canucks - Hit Cody Hodgson Auto Rookie /800

    #3 2011-12 SPx $5 Pittsburgh Penguins - Hit Jordan Staal Winning Materials

    #4 2012-13 Certifed 3 Box Random Team $15 Win Jets - Shut out

    #5 2011-12 Ultimate $7 Pittsburgh Penguins - Hit Ultimate sigs Evgeni Malkin

    My theory is if you can grab a decent team for the cost of 1 pack then why not. Anyone else buy a team and hit anything nice?

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    Just need to vent......
    I was asked by an Ebay member if I allow local pickups. I replied yes I do. They bought a card for $1.59, then asked if I would meet them about 15 minutes from my house to do the deal. When I said no they were upset! I kept my cool and explained that the 30 minutes of driving would cost me more in gas than the card he was buying, and he was welcome to PICK IT UP at my house. Am I wrong in saying local pick up means the buyer picks up the item, not that I drive it across town to wait and meet with them? I suggested that he pay the shipping fee and I would gladly mail the card to him. That didn't go well either.
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    I believe it's called "local pick up" not " local delivery".

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