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    Also it is probably a way to get around insertion fees since only the first fifty are free. If I remember correctly.

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    Very common. Also many potentially good reasons. One for business sales, one for personal sales. one for you, one for the rest of the family. One to specialize in international sales, one for USA only. etc. etc.


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    What are your opinions with ebay sellers trying to get ebay/paypal fees from you?

    What are your opinions on sellers trying to recoup their costs by charging excessive shipping charges? I won't use any names yet, but I recently bought 29 items from a seller and was charged with $15.25 shipping fees. I have no problem paying that, as I assume that will be the approximate cost. I get the cards today and the total shipping is $4.20, and the cards were sent in a white envelope. I email the seller to see why the price was so high. Now, I'm not one to complain usually about shipping costs. If I buy 1 card, pay $4 shipping and it's actually $2, I could care less. Even in this case I almost let it slide, until I got a response from the seller.

    He states that the price is accurate due to these facts:

    1) The ebay fees were $7, so that was factored into it
    2) Paypal fees were $2.50, so that was added as well

    Here is my major concern. Isn't it called a "SELLER" fee? Its the price you pay to get your card to the biggest audience. This is the first time I flat out had someone state that shipping charges included ebay fees. So let me get this straight, I have to pay the fees that the seller was charged to get the most exposure for his cards? Makes no sense. Would you charge ebay/paypal fees to a buyer who just won a $500 card? Obviously not, as it would be a steep fee. It's not called a "buyers" fee, its a "sellers" fee. I'm still in conversation with the seller, and haven't made any rash decisions as I don't like leaving negative feedback if I don't need to.

    Let me know what you guys think. And I know I'm biased here, but I highly doubt anyone will disagree here. If you do, I'd like to know your logic. Comments welcome, and looking forward to what you have to say

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    I had a guy today try that nonsense on me. I told him he lost several sales. Tried to charge me $5.00 to ship 2 packs of cards.

    Just don't buy off them, it's not the end of the World.

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    I'm totally with you on this one. It's a violation of the ebay rules plain and simple. If the seller doesn't like it, they should find a different forum to market his wares. It's not like the seller doesn't have the option of setting their starting price 12% higher than what they hope to net out in order to get the price they're looking for minus ebay's ~9% and paypal's ~3% cut. IMO the seller owes you a refund for all excess fees, otherwise neg feedback and report them to ebay.
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    That seller doesn't realize how good eBay really is. I would of told him to shut down his account and try selling on forums. He'd be back on eBay in a flash. The fees aren't bad for the quick and easy way to sell stuff.

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    I would shred them in the feedback and report it to ebay as well. That is just a sleezy move to pull on someone. If he actually told you up front what the charges were for and you agreed, it would be different (even though it is still against ebays rules) but to just tell you after the fact and only if you called them out on it is BS.

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    This seller that tried to pawn off his fees onto me today, can easily ship me 2 packs of cards for $2.25, not $5.00. Then he swore at me, I asked him if his Mother had any children that lived.

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    Does ebay care about shill bidding at all?

    It seems that nowadays it is almost impossible to buy any upper level material via the auction format, even for non impact players: 1a650d204 3b80ff3b5

    Is not it like obvious? I guess ebay just does not care because it can collect the selling fee twice and this is it.
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    Of course they don't, they make more money from it. It's sad, but the truth.

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