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    Just seems kinda unfair to ebay, and us the consumers. I didnt have it on watch

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    BigBoyd is a notorious shiller. Check out all of the threads about him over on Blowout.

    Quote Originally Posted by fantiki View Post
    It seems that nowadays it is almost impossible to buy any upper level material via the auction format, even for non impact players: 1a650d204 3b80ff3b5

    Is not it like obvious? I guess ebay just does not care because it can collect the selling fee twice and this is it.

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    Some non-payers for everyone to block...

    william1967only (Yea I know, surprise!)

    All had approximately one month to pay and couldn't even be bothered to do that. Sort of surprising as most have a pretty decent feedback score.

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    Well it appears I may be experiencing my first-ever lost piece of mail as a seller. I shipped off a fairly high-end Carey Price to a buyer in Ontario back on the 7th of January. Buyer contacted me last Saturday indicating that the card had not yet arrived. Because it had been only 3 weeks at that time (still a bit on the high side within Canada) and speaking from personal experience of waiting for a card from Quebec that was sent on the 9th, I said that it had been shipped and give it another week and we'll see where things are at.

    Sure enough I got a message on Saturday evening indicating that it hadn't yet arrived. Just a quick message and nothing accusatory (if not in the best English) so I went and checked with my Canada Post outlet where it was mailed from to see if they had any info. Nada because there's no tracking.

    I do have a concern about the buyer - they had this posted on their feedback on 1/22:
    "This Buyer is a Scammer!!! stay away, tried to steal over $120.00 from me."

    And this one on the 17th:
    "Won auction; never paid"

    The two items are somewhat disparate - the first was a pair of hiking boots, while the second was a Cup Limited Logos. The person has had a couple other high-end card purchases that seem to have gone off without a hitch.

    But there have been a couple negatives left as well:
    "seller is very rude and refunded my payment with say anything buyers stay away"

    And this one on the runners:
    "seller is a con artist tried to steal $65 from me and not ship the item say away"

    There's a handful of issues from within the past month. This person either has really bad luck or has done something unsavoury. I'm worried because a negative would obviously affect my recently earned power seller/top seller status. It would also force a refund and leave me out quite a few bucks as well as the Price card. I want to make this thing work out for the best and for the card to be delivered but I'm concerned.

    Any thoughts on how to proceed? I'm about to give Canada Post a call to see if there's anything I can do on my end, and if needs be eBay as well.
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    ^ Take it as a lesson learned. I have come to notice that more and more people are having issues with people that are from Quebec as well. The two guys that sell those ice premier patches come to mind.

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    We need her eBay ID, so it does not happen to anyone else, and so that we can all put her on blocked bidder status.

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    Good hunting that out, Both auctions had 11 and 12 bids by 2 Shills, and easily identified as Seller 12.

    This guy needs to be properly reported. I reported one of those 2 auctions, but I think perhaps eBay needs a phone call.

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    Need some help - anyone know this seller?

    Ebay seller: dr.bob93

    He has some magnificient patches for sale...has some very good feedback...anyone know or buy from this seller? Reputable patches? Just saying...his patches are all very fantastic...

    PM me if anyone can help me out by tomorrow.

    Here are his auctions:

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    Take this for what it's worth, but I remember buying something off him a couple years ago where a couple members said he was known as a patch faker. No one was ever able to say for sure why they thought that, but it was enough for me to not want to buy anything from him in the future.

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    I asked him about his patches a couple of months ago and since then, he has banned me from bidding on his items. Guess I was maybe onto something?

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