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    To the two above posters yes it is Canada to Canada and no mention of PWE. Thank you two for your input though
    Looking for tough guys and fighters show me what you gotHidden Content
    ********I CAN ONLY PAY WITH CANADIAN CASH***********

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    Trading for Steelers,Penguins,Pirates and ex Michigan players
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    The Andrew Luck card sold for ........Wait for it ......

    $42,300.00 US Dollars. 114 Bids

    Sure it did. Lol The seller is having a Turkish if he thinks he's going to get paid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    The Andrew Luck card sold for ........Wait for it ......

    $42,300.00 US Dollars. 114 Bids

    Sure it did. Lol The seller is having a Turkish if he thinks he's going to get paid.

    I'm torn on that one. It seems absolutely crazy, but maybe there's just a guy out there with really deep pockets...I'd expect that more for a basketball card, though.

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    Decades 1980s Tretiak SP Auto

    Hello! If you are currently the high bidder on this item on eBay, please send me a PM. I don't want to collude or do anything shady, but we run into each other all the time on these and I would like to get a feel for what you still need for the set. Thanks!

    LF this ITG Decades 1980's Autograph: AMM2 - Mark Messier CAN SP. Also need many Emblems and Numbers from ITG Decades 1980's and may need Quads, Golds or other low print runs from that set.
    PC includes Sakic, Vaive, Salming, Lafleur, Shutt and anyone named Stastny except Yan. Starting a new, limited GETZLAF PC - looking for hard-signed autos of Getzlaf and any memorabilia with print run 100 or less.

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    A New Type of ebay "Garbage"

    Not sure what it is with certain "people" these days but I guess the adult websites must be kicking more trolls off of their sites and thus, these trolls have nowhere else to go?

    I heard from a couple of sellers about a "real winner", who apparently takes pleasure in making insulting bids on your listed items - as I said - a "real winner". In most cases, I would care less as I have cut-offs and for the most part, stupid offers are automatically declined. What makes this winner special, is that he apparently also adds his own special "comments" to his bids, which are solely intended to "bait" the seller into responding/replying to the troll. Unfortunately, when most people reply to him or tell him that he's been blocked, he automatically informs ebay and makes all sorts of ridiculous claims. In-turn, ebay then contacts you and wastes a bunch of your time or worse.

    It is well worth the five-minutes of anyone's time, to go and block this troll and avoid the future drama that you may receive. It was bad enough when you had to worry about non-paying buyers, then Paypal chargebacks and then the whole DSR BS but when somebody is so pathetic that they only go out to place bids/antagonize you to garner attention for themselves, you know that ebay has problems.

    The ebay user id to block is - moderncowboy0

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    Who said base cards weren't worth anything...

    Looks legit to me. But just wow...
    Looking for Emerson Etem Dominion ARP #/299 and Collecting Social Signatures (w/ Twiiter Handles), Canucks and Datsyuk.

    Hit me up on Facebook & Twitter - @604breaks
    **Looking for 13/14 PRIME Colors Patch Pavel Bure #2/2 Canucks Place Patch**

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    WHAT THE??????

    I guess somebody really wanted the trips serial numbering (111).

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