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    and as a bidder, I can say that Rydlar99 is 100% reliable. I believe he pulled and sent me a Selanne private signings!!

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    Need Help From an American Member!


    There is a card I want to bid on, but the seller is being annoying and won't sell to ANY Canadian, regardless of how spotless their feedback record is. Could you PM me, and I'll get you to bid on it for me? Then I'll have you send it to me once he mails it to you. I'll certainly be sure to mail a few extra dollars for your trouble. It ends the end of this month. Can someone help me out?



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    Ebay Non payment question

    Hey All,

    I had a card that was offered by another member here (I will not say his name....but he's known) through obo on ebay. Long story short, this shady guy never paid. It says it will file a claim on May 3. Do I have to wait until that's completed before I relist on ebay?

    Thanks in advance as this is the first time it's happened to me....


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    You don't have to if you don't want to, but if the person decides to actually pay for the item and you have already sold it they can claim against you and get a refund and leave negative feedback if they wanted too. Not sure what the person will do so if i were you i would just wait it out and then relist it when everything is completed. I wouldn't take the chance on them being a d1ck.

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    thanks for the advice. As that person is here on the boards as well, I would not put that past them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlai624 View Post
    thanks for the advice. As that person is here on the boards as well, I would not put that past them.
    you never know. You may be able to relist it for like 7 days and if he does pay for it you can end the auction. But i would just hold out. I have had a bunch more non payers recently, sometimes it takes opening a case for them to actually pay for something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlai624 View Post
    thanks for the advice. As that person is here on the boards as well, I would not put that past them.
    Ive been saying this guy is shady for the longest time. Just a kid with too much money and no responsibility, dont blame him, its the parents
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    Almost got Scammed Out of 3K!

    Hi everyone,

    I want to turn everyone's attention to a scheme that almost stole 3300 of my money.

    The guys watch your bids on eBay and then said you a fake email "second chance offer". They ask you to contact the seller at an email address (the one I was told to contact was "". He will negotiate the deal with you and then ask you to send a bank transfer (first hint that its sketchy) to an account that would protect with escrow.

    Afterwards, he told me I could pick it up and I realized that if that's the case, he should take cash and once I realized he didn't, it became even more sketchy.

    Anyways, the email looks like it comes from eBay but is actually from a random email account disguised as an eBay account.

    Please be very careful as I almost lost 3300 in this scheme.

    Here is an email you will receive from the email once you contact:

    "Hi, Finally managed to get to a laptop where I can check my inbox, hope it hasn't been long since you emailed. My wife and I celebrate 15 years of marriage and we're on holiday. Long story short, the winner after speaking on the phone, waited for him all day long came up and wanted a straight swap. If that wasn't enough the bugger almost made us miss our flight. Hopefully we can come to an agreement so I won't have to relist it, therefore I am willing to accept your last bid price $3,300.00. I've got nothing to hide, agree with and recommend for your peace of mind a proper inspection before cash changes hands. I will only proceed using the eBay Protection Program. You will get 5 days for item inspection, I do accept returns. I can't accept a direct payment through this program, all payments will be handled by eBay. Seems eBay won't release the funds to me until you confirm the item's as described. If I just knew about this ebay program from the start. There's always something new to learn. Next week I'll return home and would like to have a buyer waiting for me. I'd appreciate if you could get back with an answer by tomorrow if you're keen to buy it. Once I receive your reply I'll just register everything with eBay. Regards P.S. My cell phone says no network coverage :( but I do check emails regularly."

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    Im glad you didn't fall for it. These scams are everywhere and anywhere something is for sale. I get messages like that almost word for word through Kijiji. People must fall for it or they would try something else.
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