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    A factor that may cause me not to bid on these auctions is that there would be no combined shipping. Since the cost from US to Canada has increased I put a bit more effort into my ebay purchases to see if there are other cards the seller has to combine with the first card I had interest in purchasing. This doesn't apply for all situations but if I can save money whenever I can combine shipping I will. And if I see a seller that will not combine shipping I usually will not buy at all.

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    hrm, $0.30 listing fee for $0.99 listings now. That'll cut down on low-end cards being listed on eBay for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RGM81 View Post
    I believe that it is eBay's policy that the buyer has to pay the cost of returned shipping for the item. It's similar to sending UD/Panini/ITG a damaged card for replacement.
    they sent me another one without having to return the broken one fortunely
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fleury14 View Post
    hrm, $0.30 listing fee for $0.99 listings now. That'll cut down on low-end cards being listed on eBay for sure.

    Very few list .99 cent cards now unless the listing fee is under promotion/waved. I do not list anything on eBay now that has a listing fee attached to it, yet I get invited to every free listing promotion, which is twice per month, for a total of about 7-10 free days of listing per month.

    People that list low end cards and pay, are not very astute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 13stepper View Post
    Ya ya I know. I was pissed at Ebay a month ago, well, disappointingly I need Ebay to enjoy this hobby. Anyways here is the new strategy I would like to try with 50 auction style listings starting today.

    The point of this strategy is to guarantee 5 stars for each transaction in the Shipping and Handling DSR, this is the only area where I'm challenged. (lol, I like to make money, sue me)

    I would like to offer free shipping but want to know from buyers if this entices you at all to bid more or higher?

    The costs incurred for shipping with a bubble mailer are:

    .33-bubble mailer
    .10-top loader (average including 130pt and 180pt which are substantially more expensive then 55,75,100)
    1.41-postage, GST included.

    $1.84 Total

    .33-bubble mailer
    .10-top loader (average including 130pt and 180pt which are substantially more expensive then 55,75,100)
    2.31-postage, GST included.

    $2.74 Total

    The majority of my customers are Canadian but I need to take US buyers into consideration was well.

    I was thinking of listing 50 auction style with free shipping starting at $3.50.

    What do you think of the starting price?

    Back to my original question, before I broke everything down, would this entice you to bid more and higher?

    Sounds OK, but unless you look for alternatives, I won't buy a low-end card off of you. There are far too many doubters about the way I ship PWE to Canada - 4 cards for $1.50 USD. I have been doing this solid now since last September, and I have established a strong repeat clientele.

    My sales to Quebec have quadrupled and to the States - doubled. I am just now slowly regaining some of my European bubble business back that I used to have. Within one full calendar year, I will have no trouble selling to anywhere, while others that "only believe in the bubble here in the USA, will flounder"

    I am guaranteeing you 4 Cards - Safely shipped from the USA to Canada for $1.50, while the bubble guy is guaranteeing you nothing and 4 cards at - $7.25

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    I hate the new rule regarding the BIN option added to an auction-style listing. 30% is just too big a margin on these things. You can easily expect somebody to add an extra $5 to their considerations if it means getting it right away vs. waiting a week. It's a bit different when it's $10 or $15. Dumb.
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    I wonder what I just bought on ebay ............... =S

    Hey all

    Just came across this auction and decided to hit the BIN.

    Now the auction is listed as a regular YG, but clearly it is the Exclusives version /100. I was looking to see if the seller maybe used someone elses random Mason YG pic, and accidentally got a /100 version ..... but it looks like everything he is selling was taking on the same surface and by the same camera.

    Crossing my fingers for the exclusives YG !! But if not, I guess I just paid $6.50 CDN for a Mason YG =P.

    Thank you being close to the boarder and have an American mailing address, or it would have cost about $14 in shipping / import charges =S
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    I dont think my post belongs here ^^^

    Its not really an ebay issue, its more of a "what does everyone think im going to receive?"
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    Shill Bidding - Looks like the only way to make money at Ebay

    So let's start off a Saturday by talking about Shill Bidding. In my opinion, it appears that this is the only way to make any money on Ebay. Now some of you will take offense to this. But, everyone is open to have their own opinion and this is mine. You can say you want about supply and demand. I have taken economics classess and live in a world that deals with the power of economics daily. However, in the case of Ebay, throw the supply and demand theory out the window. It does not matter that a card that is print out 1 or 2 or 8 or what ever will sell any better then a card listed out /199. Yes, it does depend on the player and the set and series. But, in the end SHILL BIDDING is the only way that anyone can make $$$ on Ebay. Is it right or wrong? It depends on who is on what end of it. Does it involve moral priniciples? Once again it depends on what end of it you are on. The overall frame work of Ebay and it's bidding prinicpals to me are flawed. But, in the end does Ebay really have a concern with this? The higher the auction goes the more they make as well.

    Now I am someone who has a combined rating on 3 sites of over 1600. To some that may not make me an expert, but I am not intending to act like one. I am going with experience.

    As mentioned, my opinion, you can agree, you can disagree at this point it does not matter to me. I have a grounded moral foundation myself and my legacy on the thoughts of others does not impact on if I get up tomorrow as in the end what matters is that we are all judged by ONE individual. That individual will decided on my try ultimate reality. By the way I am not a religous person and I am not looking at offending anyone. This is just my opinion.


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    Well, in My opinion shill bidding is a scummy thing to do. The ends do not justify the means. I don't see how cheating can show a "grounded moral foundation." I know who's auctions I'll be avoiding.

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