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    2012 Press Pass SHowcase and Bonus 2011 Univ. of Texas Packs

    I generally break one box a year at Christmas and always choose DA since you get some freebies and free shipping. I chose Showcase because the Andrew Luck ratio is high - he's the only player I was fishing for and would probably sell RGIII or Wilson cards.

    Got the Texas packs for my wife since we lived in Austin and she is a fan of UT. She pulled these out of 8 packs (1:24 auto ratio and 1:12 ICONS inserts):

    The photography is amazing on these cards and she was happy with the Colt McCoy/Bevo/others...and she got an auto even though neither of us know the player at all. It is for trade for a Colt McCoy sweet spot auto only .

    So I opened up the Showcase and pulled all of these:

    Very excited to say the least! I'm going to hang onto the Foles as well, but the others are all for trade or sale. Thanks for looking! (the Toon is # 1/5)
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    Rohan Davey PC 228/264 (non 1/1)
    Amir Sadollah 77/84 (6/29 1/1's)

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    Nice looking hits! Luck and Foles are nice. Hopefully Toon can make something of himself, being a Wisconsin native, I have to say that.
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    Thats a great box. Congrats.
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    Thanks a lot guys, that box was one of the better ones I've seen. The Foles only had 26 in red ink and the Fuller only had 50.
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    Rohan Davey PC 228/264 (non 1/1)
    Amir Sadollah 77/84 (6/29 1/1's)

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    nice! congrats on getting your Luck!


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    Wow you destroyed that Press Pass Box. 4 Rookie QB Autos, a 1/1 Auto of a potential star WR, etc. Congratulations!
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    thanks a lot guys, i was pretty ecstatic - best box i've had in years.
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    Rohan Davey PC 228/264 (non 1/1)
    Amir Sadollah 77/84 (6/29 1/1's)

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