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Thread: 2013 spring training

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    2013 spring training

    Alright this will be my first spring training ttm sendout. I just counted and there are only 53 days until pitchers and catchers report! I was just wondering who you guys send to and when? Thanks and Spring Training get here faster!!

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    I'm ready for Spring Training as well. I live in Tampa and when I had more energy I used to run all over the state to the different teams and events. Most teams used to have events like the Astros BBQ, Braves Breakfast, Orioles Breakfast, Indians BBQ, etc. where you could buy a ticket for $10-$50, eat a ton of food, and get a bunch of signatures of players sitting at tables. Gradually just about every single team stopped having such events, some teams have events for Season Ticket holders only.

    If you ever get a chance to get to Florida for Spring Training you should, players are pretty nice in general and willing to talk and sign lots of autographs. The best days are between the time the full squads report and when the games start since it's free to park, no admission to watch them practice, and they are better at signing. Pitchers and Catchers report the second week in February, so send the letters out soon! Good Luck!

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    this is also going to be my first spring training ttm. I plan to send them out next month.

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    I might send them out beginning of february.

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    Do you know if they practice at all before the games? like if I got there an hour before the gamer starts would I have a good shot at getting autographs?

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    spring training in florida is awesome. I've gone for a few years running now and cleaned up. As to those that PMed me, I will get back to you soon.

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    Most teams have pitchers and catchers report mid Feb. I always drop my first batch or pitchers, catchers and coaches on Valentines Day. I then try to get my first batch of position players out March 1st! I can not answer as to who to send to, but I have had some great successes over the years during ST! Be sure to take a few shots in the dark as sometimes you do get lucky with HUGE NAMES via ST! I usually pad those shots in the dark with other players who are younger or lessor known as well as coaches. Some return quickly, some take about a year and some just never respond at all. Phillies are usually a waste of time and almost any player of note for the Tigers signs only for fees for their charity. Mid to small market teams sign the best. You will have better luck sending to Padres for instance than to Yankees! Some of my highlights from the last few ST have included Vlad, Big Mac, David Price, Buster Posey and Josh Hamilton. That does not mean that they will sign this year at all as they will get floaded after signing in prior STs! Best of luck and looking forward to seeing your successes!
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    Thansk for that info. I plan to send to Trout and other players for the 2012 Bowman prospects set. I just hope some guys still sign as they get closer for to the bigs. Also anyone ever get Bryce Harper, I need him for the set.

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    who are some automatics to send to?
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    I am also wondering that as well. I know some minor leaugers are automatic but who else?

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