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    Buying Canucks Cards. Low end Mid end and High End $1100 available.

    Interested in a lot of Canucks cards. have $1100 left available. If low-mid end Im going to need a big lot of above $100+ value. Will check buckets. Thanks. Brent

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    ive got sedin peerless patches

    bo horvat signed puck

    kesler game used skates pm me if intresteed

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    Do you need them in Canucks Uniforms? As I have a bunch of ITG Stuff. Most Notabley Both Sedins, Luongo, & Bure 10-11 H&P Heroes Auto & Mem Silvers /4

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    Sorry not interested Hallfan, and I forgot to mention no ITG and in canucks iniforms sorry.Bump

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    bump this up. will take some canucks some canucks.or even 1 canuck card if its worth it ($50) ThanksBrent

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    2010-11 Luxury Suite #214 Aaron Volpatti RC /899
    2012-13 Black Diamond Jerseys #VANRL Roberto Luongo
    2009-10 SP Authentic #146 Roberto Luongo ESS /1999
    2010-11 Artifacts Tundra Tandems Silver#TT2TWINS Daniel Sedin/ Henrik Sedin /75

    That's what I have. I know it most certainly doesn't near 100$, but I thought I might as well list them, just incase you were interested.

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    I have about 1,000 luongo singles - all canucks from 06/07 to 08/ well as low end Luongo, Sedin inserts...could put together a nice package for you.

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    I will pass on both of those. Thanks for the offers anyways.

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    sent you a pm
    Looking for Stamkos, Kane and Toews Cards

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