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    $25 for Martin St. Louis/Nathan Gerbe/Wayne Simmonds (Quantity)

    I have roughly $25 to spend on Martin St. Louis/Nathan Gerbe/Wayne Simmonds. I would like to get as much as I can so base, inserts whatever to fill it up (obviously I will take GU/Auto/Patches). Quantity means more to me. HOWEVER be realistic. Would you trade a Stamkos auto for 50 base cards? No, so please don't offer me 50 base cards for $25 like I keep getting. Thanks!

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    Have a st.louis be a player auto /10 but would need for than 25, pm if interested

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    Quote Originally Posted by evilcise1234 View Post
    Have a st.louis be a player auto /10 but would need for than 25, pm if interested
    I'm looking for quantity first. Plus that price is high for my liking.

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    I have this lot for you... LMK.

    GERBE, Nathan 2011-12 Score Glossy #71 BUF

    SIMMONDS, Wayne 2011-12 Score Glossy #338 PHI

    ST. LOUIS, Martin 2003 Pacific Authentic Game-Worn Jersey #20 TBL JSY
    ST. LOUIS, Martin 2007-08 Fleer Hot Prospects #56 TBL
    ST. LOUIS, Martin 2008-09 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion #85 TBL
    ST. LOUIS, Martin 2010-11 Artifacts #28 TBL
    ST. LOUIS, Martin 2011-12 Score Sudden Death #23 TBL
    ST. LOUIS, Martin 2011-12 SPx #15 TBL
    ST. LOUIS, Martin 2011-12 Upper Deck Victory Stars of the Game #SOGMS
    ST. LOUIS, Martin 2011-12 Upper Deck Victory Game Breakers #GBMS TBL

    ST. LOUIS, Martin 2012-13 Upper Deck Silver Skates #SS26 TBL
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    I've got:

    and 7 St. Louis base (incl. a McD's one.)

    Will keep digging. Got more base for sure. Do you want doubles/multiples?

    Malone/St Louis dual is /599. Artifacts star is /999
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